Why you need to RSVP to all those networking invitations

Last Thursday, Stormers Jenny, Sarah, Sophie and I attended the very first social media networking event organised by Social Media News Australia.   While a small event, it was a great opportunity to meet other people in our industry, as well as catch up with ex-Stormettes to see what coups their agencies had accomplished.

Not only was the relaxed-feel event a great chance for us to meet new people within media and communications, but we walked away from the night with an increased awareness of how we could utilise social media to further our company.  New friends and business advice in one night? Not too shabby.

No matter how tired you are after work, or how many of these industry ‘meet and greets’ you attend, it’s important to RSVP ‘yes’ as often as you can to ensure you don’t miss out on an opportunity.  While the aim is obviously to make contacts on the night, a simple Twitter or Facebook conversation where you thank the host will get your name out into the masses (or at least their followers when they reply that you’re welcome).

Need to know which events to attend?  Punch your industry into Google, alongside the word ‘event’ and see what comes up.  One quick email to the host asking to attend and you’ve made a new contact right there!

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