Why Following Your Heart Is The Best Decision You Can Make

When I packed up my things and shipped them over to Sydney from Western Australia last month, I had not one thing to my name.  A permanent place to stay wasn’t finalised and I had no job lined up.  Leaving my lovely friends and family behind, I flew across the country with only a few acquaintances in my address book, a list of things to see and do in this fair city, and a tummy full of nervous and excited butterflies.  I’d wanted to move to Sydney for years and – despite my (seemingly) lack of plans – I was finally doing it!

As soon as I landed, it was onto SEEK and looking for jobs, where I found the advertisement for WordStorm PR.  Two days later, an interview. Two hours after that, I had the job! I couldn’t believe it happened so quickly, and so I celebrated with the family I was staying with.

Next on the agenda – the apartment.  Everyone who moves to Sydney dreams of living in Bondi, but I never thought it would actually be a reality.  I applied for the place anyway, and within a day we had an apartment in central Bondi!

Third – friends.  While I knew a few people in the city, I desperately missed nights drinking with the girls or chatting over a long dinner.  Thankfully, the few lunches I set up from Perth were huge successes, and since then I’ve said yes to every social invitation.  This way, I get to see the city (and tick things off my sight-seeing list) and meet new people at the same time.

Within a month, I’ve settled into Sydney life far easier than I ever thought possible.  I had nagging doubts over whether I could do this – uproot my life with nothing lined up – but my dreams were bigger and so I followed my heart and went for it.  And now, success!

Whether moving cities, falling in love or pitching to a possible client, aim high because you never know what doors may open if you take a little risk.

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