Case Studies

How to turn your business media release from ‘Blah’ to ‘Can I have the exclusive?’

By Monica Rosenfeld The media love running stories about entrepreneurs.  Why?  Because journalists care about writing content that engages or adds value to their audience and there is nothing that entrepreneurs love better than reading about and learning from other entrepreneurs. What this means for you if you are an entrepreneur is that you have […]


By Marnie Faundez As traditional news organisations shrink, new media sites like Buzzfeed and Viral Nova have risen in their ashes. They have taken the internet by storm by providing their audience with just the right amount of news, pop culture (and native advertising), in a less than traditional format. So what lies in the success of […]

10 Key Learnings from The Sunrise

By Elena Eckhardt WordStorm PR Account Manager Elena Eckhardt recently attended The Sunrise – a conference presented by founders for founders. Hosted by Blackbird Ventures as part of Vivid Ideas, the conference brought together some of Australia’s brightest entrepreneurs in the tech space. Each speaker shared insights into what they wished they had learned earlier […]