5 life lessons we all should learn from Louisa Clark in the movie Me Before You

By Caleigh Bemont

In early June, the movie Me Before You was recently released. This is a story of hope, challenges and new beginnings. The main character Louisa Clark played by Emilia Clarke is a whity and loveable character whose energy for life is tested when she goes to work for Will Traynor. Will’s life is dramatically changed when he becomes paralysed from a motorcycle incident.

1. Standing out can be good

Louisa Clark, went for an interview at the Traynors household and she got the job because of her determined personality. She continued to stand out to the Traynors not only for being a hard worker but, because her clothing was appropriately unique and different. Altogether, Louisa left a positive and striking impression on her employer. When applying for a job, internship, university or trying to achieve something in life; it is important to leave a positive memorable impact. Be the person in the room that is different because it showcases personality, character and confidence. First impressions make or break how people might perceive you. By allowing yourself to stand out and be who you are, displays that.

2. Take risks and don’t let fear stand in your way

Louisa was put in a situation where she knew nothing about her role. She had to learn quickly and come up with creative ideas for Will to experience life. While not all her ideas worked, she tried them and learned from the outcome. Being yourself and standing out is challenging but it is just as challenging to take risks. In order to achieve that you must not let fear get in the way. In today’s world, companies are looking for the next “big thing”. People like Steve Jobs or Ruslan Kogan did not let fear stop them from achieving their dream; otherwise they would not be where they are today. Both men had a vision and passion that helped them in the process of overcoming their fear. They committed to making their dreams reality and in the end, it paid off, just like Louisa.

3. Some of the most wonderful things happen in your life when you’re least expecting them

Louisa was working at a café for many years when she was fired. When she went looking for another job, the role as a caregiver for Will Traynor had opened up. She decided on a whim that she would at least interview for the position. Had Louisa not been fired and taken a chance on this job, her life would have turned out much differently. The lesson learned, is that although sometimes life throws unexpected events, days or even people in your life; it can turn out to be good for you, and to never miss an opportunity.

4. Always be kind

One of the biggest takeaways from Louisa is to be kind, no matter what happens. Despite the amount of times Will was un-reasonably rude to Louisa. She continued to be kind to him throughout their journey. The world is filled with people who have different personalities and perspectives. Ensuring to take the time to be kind to people you come across is going to make an ever lasting impact on the world. A simple act of kindness might just improve someone’s horrid day, but it will help improve your day as well. Something as simple as holding the door or smiling at someone could have an ever lasting impact. This is important for the workplace, as well as for personal health.

5. Be better than who you were yesterday

Last but not least, point five is not only important to personal growth, but in the workplace as well. There are days that Louisa could have easily given up on Will and herself. Between her constant failures and dreadful days at work, Louisa improved. She tried to be better than the day before by learning and doing things differently. Some days are not always going to be the best, some weeks might even feel like a dreadful Monday. However, regardless of what happened, try to be better than you were yesterday. Each day is a new day, which means you get a chance to improve. If the deal with the client did not go as expected, that is okay take the new day to find a new idea or angle. If you’re a start-up and you are nervous about how the business is going; think of new ways to improve. Taking little steps each day will allow for growth and you will be surprised by how much can change.

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