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Content Marketing

Get maximum coverage for your campaign with a content marketing plan that cuts through the noise and grabs your customers’ attention.

WordStorm PR will help you build a content marketing strategy that will capture a more qualified and relevant audience for your product or service. With a highly targeted content marketing plan, you’ll be in the best position to be seen and heard by your target market.

Forget wasting money and effort on campaigns that don’t generate returns. At WordStorm PR, we’ll create a strategic content marketing plan that delivers your message to the right people.

Industry Experience

Over our 17 years in PR and marketing, we’ve built a track record of helping businesses and entrepreneurs generate leads with content-driven marketing campaigns. With our experience and deep understanding of how today’s dynamic media landscape works, we’ll help you make your mark in the minds of your customers and followers.

Content Expertise

We offer a full range of content marketing solutions that can help you get the best results from your investment. We have an in-house content marketing team and partnerships with talented content producers who know how to create content that turns heads and inspires action.

Vast Media Network

Great content is worthless without the right exposure, so we make sure that your content goes out on the most appropriate and influential channels. We offer an extensive network of media outlets and news agencies – one of the widest in the industry – to help you secure effective media spots for your content.

Our Services

WordStorm PR offers resources for the entire spectrum of content marketing, including content production for all major online and offline communications.

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Media interviews
  • Feature articles/news pieces
  • Press releases
  • Media pitches
  • Social media campaigns
  • Promotional and media events

If you need content that we can’t produce ourselves in-house, then we’ll tap into our wide network of highly-regarded content creators and production houses to produce what you need.

Need proof of what we can do? Check out our case studies to see how we’ve helped businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their marketing goals through strategic content marketing.

A Strategy that Works

No matter how good your content is, you won’t get the results you want if it’s not part of a targeted and well-designed content creation strategy.

Beyond our ability to produce engaging and relevant content, we also set ourselves apart with our ability to create an in-depth content marketing plan for your business. We’ll build your content strategy based on your objectives, choosing the right content and media channels to deliver your message in the most effective ways.

We will never create content just for the sake of doing it – that’s a waste of your time (and ours). Instead, we’ll create targeted content that always serves a purpose and is part of a structured and well-thought-out marketing campaign.

If you’re ready to start seeing tangible results, then get in touch: online, in person in Surry Hills, via social media or phone us on (02) 8272 3200.

Content Marketing for Every Business

No matter your brand or business, WordStorm PR can help you deliver content that brings you closer to your campaign objectives. We’ve helped businesses and entrepreneurs in many different industries, using a variety of content platforms to deliver their messages in the most effective ways. We’ll gladly do the same for you to help you grow your brand or business.

Call (02) 8880 9258 today to learn more about how we can help you create an effective content marketing plan and content strategy. You can also get in touch with our team for more information.

With journalism in our DNA, we know how to write content that grabs an audience and grows it. Our content-creation services are perfect for clients who are looking to position themselves as thought leaders through the powerful LinkedIn platform.

We’ll facilitate a content workshop from which we pull together a six-month content calendar. We can then help you write video scripts and articles, professionally produce videos and edit your posts.

“I needed to position myself as an expert, but I had no idea what to do and no time. I put my entire campaign in WordStorm’s hands and they got me into all the mainstream media, including national newspapers, AFR, Huffington Post, numerous radio stations and even Channel 9.” — Laura Moore, Uppy