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Crisis Management

Every brand or business could face a crisis at some point, which can result in negative press and backlash from consumers. If you want to make sure that your business or reputation can survive a crisis, then you need to have the right crisis management plan in place to deal with these issues if and when they come up.

Whether you’re facing internal conflict or negative publicity spread by competitors, WordStorm PR can help you protect your brand and keep your reputation intact. We’ve seen practically every type of business and personal crisis over our 17+ years in PR and marketing, and we know how to effectively deal with any crisis you may be facing.

We also provide crisis management training so that you’ll know how to address issues early on and perhaps even prevent them from escalating into full-blow crises. We’ll also teach you how to manage and mitigate issues as soon as they arise, making it easier to address the issue and provide win-win solutions for everyone involved.

What We Can Help You With

WordStorm PR can create a crisis management plan that will let you deal with some of the most common crises that businesses and personalities often face, including:

Natural crisis – environmental disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc.

Technological crisis – issues with production, suppliers or internal stakeholders that can affect the delivery of your product or service

Financial crisis – includes losses, bankruptcy, market crashes, etc.

Internal conflict – business mismanagement, employee conflict, company disputes, communication breakdowns

Negative publicity – includes media rumours, negative press, bad review, tragedies, etc.

Effective Crisis Management

WordStorm PR offers professional crisis management that will help you address and overcome any business or personal crisis that you may be facing. We’ll create a crisis communication plan that’s tailored to your objectives, providing more effective solutions for mitigating issues and protecting your reputation in the media.

Our crisis management plans are designed to be:

Appropriate. Each crisis is different, so we make sure that the solutions we provide match your needs. We will consider all factors involved in the crisis – both internal and external – to create a crisis management plan that works at every level.

Timely. Addressing issues quickly is critical to effective crisis management. Our crisis management team will see to it that you have a plan for dealing with different issues as soon as they come up. In a world dominated by social media and instant communication, the ability to address issues in a timely manner is a priceless asset.

Future-oriented. We will create a crisis management plan that not only protects your reputation from a crisis but also allows you to thrive well past it. At WordStorm PR, simply solving a crisis is not enough for us. We want you to grow from your experience and become a better organisation or brand after going through it.

Crisis Management Training

If you need help refining your crisis management plan, or if you simply want to be more prepared for a specific crisis, then learn the fundamentals from our Crisis Management Training Workshop.

This workshop incorporates over 17 years of experience in PR and marketing, giving you tips and best practices that have been proven to work in the real world. Our training workshop is suitable for all levels of management, whether you’re a CEO of a corporation or a solo entrepreneur.

We’ll teach you how to create an effective crisis communication plan and discuss crisis management PR solutions that we’ve used in different crises. Our crisis management team will also provide frameworks that you can customise to your brand or business, helping you craft the right action plan for your situation.

  • Fundamentals of crisis management
  • Recognising warning signs and potential issues
  • Reputation management
  • Social media communication
  • Dealing with the media and media relations
  • Emergency response

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Why You Need a Crisis Management Plan

1. Crises are inevitable

It’s not a matter of if your business or brand will go through a crisis; it’s a matter of when. If you run your business or brand without a proper crisis management plan, then you’ll be caught off-guard when such crises arise. With a well-designed crisis plan, you can weather any PR or media storm that often comes in times of trouble.

2. Every crisis is different.

There are many types of crises that could affect your business, and each will require its own solutions and strategies. A crisis management plan will give you a clearly defined action plan for different types of crises, allowing you to stay prepared for whatever can happen.

3. A crisis can quickly go from bad to worse.

Although some crises go away once you address them, some issues have more long-lasting effects. If you don’t address a crisis on time, then it could get worse to the point of crippling your business or even ruining it. By having an effective crisis management plan in place, you can deal with any crisis long before it does irreparable damage to your brand or business.

Professional Crisis Management Plan and Training

Prepare yourself or your business for any potential crisis with a strategic and practical crisis management plan from WordStorm PR.

We’ll help you protect your reputation and standing in the field no matter what issues you’re facing. And if you need to brush up on your strategies for crisis management, then our crisis management training can help you refine them and identify areas for improvement.

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