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Media Relations

Want to get more impact for less money? You need WordStorm PR for effective media relations Australia-wide.

Media relations is the process of connecting your product, service or business with the right channels in the media to make your announcement, information or business ‘newsworthy’. And when we say, ‘more impact for your money,’ we mean it. Because by enlisting us to get your name in the right places, we can send your message out to the mass media – as news – without you having to pay for advertising directly.

When it comes to getting reach, increasing credibility and brand trust, media is the most effective way to do it.

How We Work

As your media relations agency, we measure our success by your bottom line. No campaign should ever be undertaken without an overarching media relations strategy. To that end, we apply our strategic direction and innate skill in recognising opportunities to make sure that we push you in the right direction, and that your goals are measurable and achievable.

We are specialists in helping to sculpt strong, effective and compelling news stories, and then connecting these news stories with the right people and places in the media to get results. As part of our process, we’ll get to know you so that we can understand your challenges and create a strategy that speaks to these. That way we can make sure your results tap into the truth of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

We’re lucky in that in our line of work we get to meet countless passionate and exciting business owners, experts and leaders every day – so when we say that we love our jobs, we mean it. We bring our passion and enthusiasm for media relations services to every new client we meet, and we would love the opportunity to create a buzz for you.

Building a Strong Media Relations Strategy

At WordStorm PR, we know the media inside out and we know how to create media buzz. Coverage arising from our connections can generate powerful publicity.

With a solid 17 years of experience in this industry, we’ve developed strong connections with journalists who are always on the lookout for stories. Our PR campaigns get people talking—in the media and on the street. Great coverage will instantly increase your brand’s credibility in the eyes of your potential customer.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with media on a national, metropolitan, local and regional level across a very wide range of industries, in mass media and in more niche titles. And while we’ve got strong relationships within the media industry, it’s our strategic direction and experience that truly makes these industry contacts worthwhile.

We get results week after week, month after month and year after year – for EVERY client that we take on. We do not work with any clients who we do not feel 100% sure we can secure fantastic media coverage for.

Aside from proactive media relations, we are also specialists in reactive PR. We monitor the media and examine issues that are trending on a daily basis. When issues arise that our clients can comment on, we create an expert commentary release and ensure the brand is part of the conversation.

Media Relations Services Include…

TV Coverage – Get your brand or business to where you want it to be on TV. Whether you’re looking to be featured as a news story, would love to appear as an expert on a chat show, have a goal to be seen on an evening report or something else entirely; we can help. Our past clients have appeared on news programs, morning shows and a current affair programs.

Radio – Get your voice out on the airwaves with a spot on a radio program that’s designed to get you into the cars, homes and lives of your target audience.

Print Media – We can get you featured in the magazines, newspapers and supplements that Australians reach on a daily basis.

Online Media – Digital media is more thirsty for content than ever and pages need to be refreshed on a regular basis. From high-profile news sites to the digital versions of print media, your story provides great content for these platforms.

If you’re ready to start seeing tangible results, then get in touch: online, in person in Surry Hills, via social media or phone us on (02) 8272 3200.

WordStorm PR is Your Media Relations Team

WordStorm PR was started in 2000 by Director Monica Rosenfeld who founded the company after time working as a producer for A Current Affair. She saw a gap for a media relations agency who truly understood the needs of their customers. Almost two decades down the line, WordStorm PR is the leading team for media relations businesses trust to get results.

We are driven by your success and are a close-knit team of experts, each bringing their own passion for PR to the table. We love working with a range of clients and love seeing the results that you get from our guidance and work. It’s a great feeling when we see our clients get to where they want to be, and we are proud to be part of it.

When we talk about media relations, we’re not talking about presenting you with a single clipping on a velvet cushion — and only then after three months of spending your money “strategising” our way up and down the “verticals”.

WordStorm PR clients know that when we talk about media relations, we mean putting you or your business in front of journalists all the time. Our clients are in their target publications an average of 15 times a month. Every month.

We specialise in public relations for mass media — TV, radio, online news sites, newspapers, podcasts and magazines. We’ll pull the spotlight onto your business — in front of highly engaged audiences in the tens and hundreds of thousands.

Your brand will be wrapped in the implied endorsement of the media and all the lasting authority that comes with that.

You won’t be scrolled over in social media; you’ll be As Seen In.

“Almost daily exposure on the brands enabled us to gain new business with major retailers.” — Chris Higgins and Pam Higgins, exclusive Australian distributors of Lee Stafford