How a powerful media campaign won Joshua an island resort

By Monica Rosenfeld

Last week, Joshua Ptasznyk, a 26 year old accountant from Wollongong made local history when he was named the winner of the Kosrae Nautilus Resort raffle.

When Joshua heard about the raffle which raised $3.5 million his accountant’s mind went into gear and he calculated that the odds of winning were actually fairly high. So, he decided to take a punt and spent $66 on one of the 75,000 raffle tickets that promised a new adventurous life on a gorgeous island in Micronesia.

In this case logic and luck combined to change Joshua’s life forever.

Doug and Sally Beitz, had decided to sell the island resort through the unconventional raffle because they didn’t want to sell it to a developer, and approached my agency Wordstorm Public Relations to manage the media. By last Tuesday the exposure had taken on global dimensions.

Joshua says he plans to move to the Island Resort and dive 100% into the lifestyle of the Island (who could blame him?). Coincidentally, Joshua is the same age that Doug Beitz was when a sense of adventure inspired him to move to the Island with his pregnant wife and young children.

As the campaign gained traction over the past weeks, the media have been hungry to learn the progress of the Kosrae Nautilus Resort Raffle and the family have continued to give interviews to major news channels and websites.

Although initially hesitant and most likely trying to recover from the shock of winning the raffle, Joshua has now decided to talk to the media. Needless to say, they have been very keen to hear about his thoughts and feelings having won and his plans for the resort.

This is definitely a good move as he has the opportunity to fill the resort for months or even years to come with the global media attention it’s now receiving.

About the Author

Monica Rosenfeld is a leading public relations practitioner, expert media trainer and public relations keynote speaker. Monica and her team at Wordstorm PR masterminded the powerful media exposure for Kosrae Nautilus Resort Raffle

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