Why You Need To Re-Think Your Meetings


This week an email crossed the WordStorm server from one of our favourite tech writers putting feelers out to meet some of his e-contacts.  He wrote, ‘I don’t drink coffee, but let’s catch up for a ‘coffee’… Lunch is harder but I am partial to a good steak and chips.’


It was a breath of fresh air to see this honest email about journo-PR meetings.  All too often, journalists get invited out for coffee by publicists to discuss possible client representation in the media.  But there are only so many cups of coffee a person can drink in a day, so how do you keep that journalist coming back each time you want to meet with them?


Here at WordStorm, we believe in keeping things fresh and creative in every dealing with press.  We love our press contacts and understand their time is precious, so we’ve taken to scheduling our meetings not over a skim latte, but over a manicure, at an exclusive party or through an activity like bowling. 



Part of a publicist’s job description is to get the public and media engaged in their client, but if a journalist isn’t fully committed to you and your conversation during a meeting, how could they possibly engage in what you’re trying to offer them?  We love the idea of creative meetings, and we bet your press contacts will, too!


Tammi and the Stormettes.

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