The power of a good hashtag

More than 1.6 million people stayed up late on Sunday night to watch Novak Djokovic take out Rafael Nadal in an epic Australian Open finals match.   That’s a whole lot of staffers willing to be tired at the start of the working week, but what of their partners who didn’t want to stay up and watch the boys hit balls back and forth?

Living alone or being the only one in your household interested in a particular television program used to mean you’d sit and watch in silence.  However, the introduction of Twitter came with a tool used by individuals, businesses and consumers to link common interests – the #hashtag.

As the hours wore on during the Australian Open, and wives went to bed, husbands could turn to Twitter and write their thoughts on the match in 140 characters or less, hashtag: #AusOpen.  All anyone interested in the match had to do was search ‘#AusOpen’ and find their sport-loving comrades and community.

As a business, starting a trending hashtag can be difficult.  However, using a hashtag during its trending moment can put you on the timeline (and in front of the eyes) of thousands of social media users.  Even better, your chances of being re-tweeted to even more followers goes up exponentially.

So next time you have something to say, a blog to post, or an opinion on a current affairs topic, learn from the millions of #AusOpen viewers and don’t be shy to add a hashtag to your tweet.


Tammi and the Stormettes


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