Growing your business on Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogging– WordStorm PR are all over social media because we understand what a valuable addition those tweets and status updates can be to a company!

No longer is it enough for a brand to use a website and a telephone number as their only point of contact with consumers.  Customers now often prefer a quick search on the internet to find a company rather than picking up a phone and talking to a real person –  and if your company doesn’t have Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, you’re not going to come into the search results as frequently as your competition.

Utilising social media also allows companies to take part in the conversation, closing the gap between provider and consumer.  Eliminating the ‘them and us’ mindset opens windows to conversation and trust, which means your consumers will be more likely to recommend your product to their friends.  This is especially effective when you put a face to your brand, say by having the owner update the brand’s Facebook page with some fun photos about what’s happening in the office (see below).

That being said, a poorly-used social media account can be worse than not having an account at all.  A Twitter stream with the most recent tweet being over two weeks ago could come across as mismanaged, and if a brand can’t manage their Twitter properly, how could they manage their product?

The best advice we can give businesses hoping to increase their social media profile is: be approachable.  Rather than continually sending out information and links to your own product, it’s a good idea to mix things up and join conversation about the latest happenings in your locality.  This will show you’re interested in networking and trading locally, which has a flow-on effect of increased brand awareness.

And keep don’t forget to keep updates to a minimum – it’s about quality, not quantity!

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