Meet The Team- Kate

Name: Kate Carlton

Nickname: Carlton, Frog or Kath

Home town: Newcastle, New South Wales Current home: Bellevue Hill, New South Wales

Favourite Food?

I am addicted to Allen’s Killer Pythons, Pineapples, and Red Frogs. Actually, just lollies in general. I also love Miss Chu- their salmon with greens and wild rice is possibly the yummiest meal ever created. My mouth is salivating just thinking about it!


Favourite Bar/ Restaurant?

The great thing about Sydney is there is always a new and exciting bar opening. But my go to for a good night of great food and delicious drinks is Li’l Darlin. Love the peaking duck pizza and their fairy floss cocktail is a must. The vibe is fun and funky. Plus the staff are always really nice!


Favourite drink?

Peppermint tea, fresh watermelon juice or coke zero.



What’s the favourite thing about your job?

It is so cliché but I love the people here. Everyone is so fun, smart and talented. I know that I am lucky to learn and work with them. If you don’t have fun people to work with I think it would make getting up for work every morning a drag.


What’s your favourite city to visit and why?

I am going to Europe next year so I can’t comment until I see everywhere. But Sydney is going to be hard to beat. I’m lucky to live in such an amazing place.


What’s an average day in the office for you?

Everyday is different but today went something like this- get in at 8:30 and check emails; search blogs and news for anything relevant for WordStorm’s social media pages; organise interns with tasks; put together marketing material send outs; a meeting with a client; helping any of the account managers with anything they need; compiling clippings. It changes day to day.


Personal motto?

Probably “Live with no regrets”. I am very much a do now kind of person. I don’t want to look back on life and think I wish I had…

If you could be someone who would it be?

I would love to be Jay-Z. He has so much swagga. Plus his married to Queen B, an entrepreneur & he can rap!


3 word to describe yourself?

I have no idea. The thought of even writing this profile is killing me.


What 3 words would your friends describe you with?

Just asked some of my friends and some of things were: crazy, fun to party with, hilarious, caring, oh-so-fun and enigmatic! Ha! My friends are the best.  It all depends who I am around and what I am doing. I am a pretty quiet/shy person when you first meet me but then give it a bit and I can get pretty loud!


Favourite website/blog?

There are so many but I love Zoe Forster’s blog Fruity Beauty or They All Hate Us. I do love Buzzfeed or How Do I Put This Gently , for laughs.


Guiltiest pleasure?

Watching a TV series from start to finish, in one go.


Describe your perfect weekend

My perfect weekend would start with a hike, followed by a delicious meal at Blue Orange in Bondi. Then relaxing at home and getting ready for a night out with my amazing friends. Waking up Sunday to rain and spend the day watching Harry Potter with the family and my beautiful dog, Banjo, whilst eating mum’s pumpkin soup. Perfection.


Biggest risk you ever took (and how it paid off)

The biggest risk so far was changing degree from Accounting to PR, and moving to Sydney. I moved to Sydney with no house and no job. It has paid off now as I’m now living in an awesome apartment with amazing friends and in a career that I love.  


Saving for….


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