Why PR is important for Small Businesses

Public Relations (PR) is about raising your company’s profile, building relationships and managing your public image. PR is increasingly becoming a vital tool that is helping businesses soar to new heights.  But PR is often left out of business plans, despite it being more cost effective than advertising. PR can help businesses build relationships with key people who will ultimately shape how successful their business becomes.

Here are some reasons why Small Businesses need PR:

Through a targeted, thoughtful and focused PR campaign a business can have enormous reach and exposure to potential clients and customers. This gives businesses the ability to create and put their own voice out there. When done right, PR is about much more than just getting coverage. PR is about sharing relevant stories that lead to meaningful connections and opportunities. It’s about understanding what you want your business image to be, and using effective communications tools to help you get there.


In this day and age with multiple media outlets, businesses now have the opportunity to not just use traditional media sources, such as newspapers and magazines to get a message across. Now with online channels such as Twitter and Facebook, it provides businesses with opportunities to control and reinforce positive messages about their business. These constant messages across various mediums will help businesses stay at the for front of consumers minds and help increase engagement levels and communication, to ultimately help drive sales.


PR is more credible than any other marketing tools. Advertising isn’t as credible simply because advertising is about self promotion. Everything that is on an advertisement comes from the company and people don’t believe it. The main reason why PR works better than advertisements is because they are driven by third party endorsements. This means that what is being said about the company or product is being said by someone not from the company.


Finally, a good PR professional can help businesses identify opportunities and implement strategic communication plans to help a business achieve its goals. They can also help businesses through the challenging media landscape to help drive results and also assist with developing and maintaining a brand image and vision.


PR is a must for businesses. The good news about PR is it’s cost effective. PR can help increase company profile, raise awareness, inform your target audience and manage your brand image.  

Whether your business is a success or not comes down to this- It doesn’t matter how great your company is. It doesn’t matter how excellent your products are. If people don’t know you exist or don’t understand what makes you stand out from your competitor, you will not be able to succeed, regardless of how brilliant your business is. 


Kate and the Stormettes


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