How social media is changing the way news is reported


Social media has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives. It has not only changed the way we communicate with each other but also how news is broken. It has caused notable impact on societies- not just by the way we watch our favourite TV show but it has changed how major emergencies and disasters are reported.

More than ever, people are using Facebook, Twitter and other social media sources to learn about what’s happening around the world. Traditional news outlets are becoming less relevant to this digital generation who want fast, accurate news, immediately.

This can be seen recently by Monday’s Boston Bombings. Many people went to Twitter, Facebook and other sites to find out information, post photos and send messages of support and prays.


From American forces’ raid on Osama Bin Laden,Whitney Houston’s death, the Hudson River plane landing — these are just a few of many major news stories ordinary citizens broke on Twitter first. Social media has turned anyone into a potential source. People are providing news who would not have provided it in the past. Although some are sceptical about how relevant and the accuracy of twitter and other social media sites. With many saying that they are affecting the credibility of journalism. 

However, with people wanting news now and fast, major news brands, publications and journalists are using Twitter to break news, link to stories and communicate with the general public. Not only are the media using social media to break news, but corporations and government departments are using social media to pass on information and engage targeted publics directly instead of going through traditional media.


It has become evident that social media, even with it critics, is helping spread news, whether good or bad. It is also being used as a symbol of hope, as seen with people from all over the world posting messages of supports to the people of Boston. This type of engagement is what social media it about.


What are your thoughts on social media as a news source?

Do you go to social media for the latest?


Kate and the Stormettes 


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