Kiss Goodbye to MS

You may have noticed more women than usual wearing red lipstick around the city today. While we love a red lip when the weather drops, we love one even more when they represent a worthy cause.

Today is Kiss Goodbye to MS Day, where Multiple Sclerosis Australia encourages women throughout the country to slick on some red lipstick and promote donations for vital research into a cure and for services for people living with the disease.

Multiple Sclerosis is an incurable neurological disease that affects young Australians.  Think about how you can move and dance in leaps and bounds without problems… now imagine if that was taken away from you.  Not a great thought, is it?  Symptoms differ from person to person, however the one constant is how it makes the sufferer’s life unpredictable.

You can donate to Kiss Goodbye to MS and read more about the cause here.

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