Happy Diamond Jubilee

Happy Diamond Jubilee everyone!


All week countries around the world have been celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. From street parties and picnics to parades and concerts, millions of people have paid tribute to this historical milestone in the Monarch’s reign. While the festivities may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there is no denying a wave of patriotism is sweeping across the Commonwealth nations. However celebrations appear to be reaching bizarre new levels as the week goes on, with culinary competitions the “flavour” of the day.


Whilst most of the English are buttering bread for cucumber sandwiches, others are choosing to celebrate in different ways. Competitors are claiming their royal victories tossing frozen sausages, sprint nettle eating and throwing Yorkshire puddings. Those blessed with more of an athletic charm are hosting 30kg woolsacks up and down steep hills, winning at shin-kicking competitions or racing ping pong balls.


In Canada, the ‘Arctic Jubilee Expedition’ explorer group will indulge in a chilly tea party at the summit of Barbeau Peak, the highest point on the Queen Elizabeth Islands in Northern Canada and the remotest part of the Commonwealth. The mountain has been summited less times throughout history than Everest!


Here at the Wordstorm office our partying is a little less extreme. Cakes and treats are definitely abundant but lacking the two-story height and 1,480lbs of chocolate that make up London’s tallest Jubilee cake. We also aren’t too keen to try a scoop of frozen coronation chicken ice-cream but there will definitely be a few gin and tonics and Pimm’s come Friday afternoon.  



Taryn and the Stormettes

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