Valentine’s Day – Time To Spread The Office Love

Every year on the 14th of February we celebrate love in all shapes and sizes. History tells us how the date has been through drastic change; from celebrations fueled by alcohol and sex during the Roman Empire to Shakespeare’s romanticism of the day. With all these approaches in the past, it seems movie-like dates and thoughtful gifts have become the picturesque Valentine’s Day.

This withstanding, Valentine’s Day is no longer just about couples – you can now use this day to grow your network and simply say thank you to your clients and colleagues.

Everyone loves surprises!

Everyone appreciates a gift every now and then, especially when it is unexpected. This year get a little something, or a big something, to surprise your colleagues or clients to let them know their work is valuable. You could even send a gift to that possible new client you’re trying to impress .This will not only show how much you care about your job, but will make your business memorable (in a good way). And positive people are often the desirable ones to work aside.

Be sure to maintain your professionalism

A gift to colleagues can be a small yet meaningful card or as big as you want. It can be tricky to choose something that is allusive to the date and yet professional, so here are some ideas. A bottle of wine is perfect to celebrate love and also to wind down after work – it can be enjoyed with colleagues, partners, and even by a party of one. Chocolate is also an enticing option – being known to have powers of stress reduction and relaxation, and on top of that it is a safe purchase (being an all-round people pleaser).  Lastly, flowers can add great energy and joy to the work environment – so get a colourful bunch of flowers and let it start working its magic in the office.

Never miss a chance to Network

It’s also good to remember that on this special day of love and commercialisation, a bit of self-promotion is not such a bad idea. Send vouchers, goodie bags or testers of your products, and be sure to add a unique Valentine’s Day touch to it before posting – to make that someone feel extra special.

So all you hard-working professionals out there, spread the love this Valentine’s Day and put a little spring in your colleagues’ step.


Written by Richard Figuera

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