Beauty Crafted From Courage


When was the last time you came across a magazine cover and was certain it had not been photoshopped? We’ve all been influenced by the media, to think that the idea of beauty is looking completely flawless. Of course this is unattainable, because after all, we’re just human. Turia Pitt, a burns survivor appears on the cover of July’s issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, demonstrating that a true and deeper kind of beauty exists, one that is crafted from courage.

Turia is an Australian runner, who previously worked infront of the camera as a part-time model and as a mining engineer, was caught in a brutal fire that left her with burns to 64% of her body in 2011. The incident occurred when a bushfire had trapped her in a rocky gorge whilst running a marathon. This resulted in extensive scarring and skin grafts on her face and neck.

Despite enduring so much, her perseverance, courage and positive attitude has made her a great role model for many. It truly is an inspirational story – Turia now shares her experiences and journey to inspire and encourage others.

This special cover will definitely have a profound impact and be a conversation starter among people, particularly curious children who will want to know what happened to Turia. This will spark an opportunity for parents to share with their kids about strength, bravery and how beauty is not just what you see on the outside. We love that Woman’s Weekly encourages women to be strong and be real. I definitely think that more magazines in the future need to embrace women for who they are, particularly as young females look up to these role models.

It seems that a few magazines that have already hopped onto the bandwagon. In 2012, Cate Balnchett looked stunning and Photoshop-free on the cover of Intelligent Life magazine. Her clear skin radiated light and energy and with any barely any wrinkles, the mother of 3 is the envy of many ladies out there! Similarly, Verily Magazine aimed to change the face of magazines with its “no Photoshop policy”, offering a different vision of beauty for women.


We can all take a note from this incredible woman – to embrace who we are and focus on what truly matters. Beauty isn’t just what you look like, but it encapsulates so many wonderful qualities a person should have – being strong, courageous, friendly, intelligent and so much more.

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