The 4 Unspoken Rules of #Hashtagging

The 4 Unspoken Rules of #Hashtagging

It’s 2018, and everyone knows that hashtagging in posts means increased reach and engagement. But it’s been a decade of hashtag bombardment, and consumers and businesses alike are starting to see past the #smokeandmirrors of #unnecessary hashtagging #uhoh. So how can you effectively use hashtags to maintain brand engagement, whilst not compromising your business’ integrity?


1. Quality, not quantity

Make sure your hashtags are actually relevant to what you’re posting.  A conglomerate of generic hashtags at the base of a post can look tacky and unprofessional. You want to generate relevant engagement, so think about the post’s message and which audiences you want to see your post.


2. Repetition is NOT key

Copying and pasting groups of hashtags over different posts not only appears ‘spammy’, but can do more harm than good to your post’s visibility. Following Instagram and Twitter shadowbans, the platforms’ algorithms might pick up repetitive text as spam. Variate the number and types of hashtags you use on each post.


3. Diversify

The amount and types of hashtags you want to use should be different depending on the platform you are using. Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, and if the limit is breached Instagram will wipe the caption altogether. If you have a number of hashtags you want to post you can also comment your hashtags so it still generates attention but looks more sleek. Twitter hashtags are used to generate conversation on their platform, so it’s ideal to use only one relevant and popular hashtag, as tweet characters are limited. Facebook should follow the Twitter hashtag guide above as the hashtags are used to catch particular conversation trends, not for discovering new and related content.


4. Don’t jump on the bandwagon, be a #trendsetter

Using hashtags that are popular amongst your audiences is a good way of inviting attention, but if you want to stand out and encourage viewers to create user-generated content, make new hashtags that are unique to your brand. This will create connections between key phrases and your brand and give you more control over your social media profile.

Whether you consider yourself a hashtag novice or master, follow these handy tricks to keep your social media content relevant for 2018 and beyond!


Written by Caitlin O’Brien


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