How to be an expert spokesperson

Have you ever wondered how to become the expert spokesperson for your industry on TV programmes such as the project, news programs and morning shows?

The key to doing this is to be available to talk about your topic when your industry is trending in the media and in social media. A great example of this is Daniel Lewkovitz who owns a security business called Calamity Monitoring. Daniel has shown journalists time and time again that he is available to answer their questions at short notice. He is a true expert and he gives educated opinions based on years and years of experience. This makes him great media talent which keeps journalists keep coming back to him for more.

There are some industries that are really conducive to becoming an expert spokesperson in these include the retail sector, property, financial and budget management, workplace relations, mental health, really anything to do with psychology, parenting and really the list goes on and on. The key is to have a really good and strong opinion about whatever is being discussed and not being afraid to put it out there and to share it to the masses.

So what’s essential is to really stay on top of what is being discussed about your industry, formulate an opinion, contact the journalists and put it out there. My name is Monica Rosenfeld and I’m the founder of WordStorm PR. If you’d like to discuss how to get your brand on TV. Send me a line. I’d be happy to have a chat.

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