How to get your brand on TV

My name is Monica Rosenfeld and I’m the founder of WordStorm PR. Over four weeks I’m producing short videos about how you can get your brand on TV. And today I’m going to focus on how you can get your product on TV.

If you are the creator of an awesome tech product, morning programs run regular segments reviewing such products, the first thing to do is research the top tech journalists in Australia as these are the people who are running the reviews on air. An example of this is our client Embrace Smart Mirror who just last week, appeared on Sunrise in a review by the Gadget Guy.

Gifting periods also provide fantastic opportunities to get your product on TV whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or the Kahuna of gifting seasons, Christmas, morning shows and current affairs programs will always give gift suggestions to their audience. They may do this in several ways. Sometimes they line up a table with a top five or 10 gift ideas and go through each ones and other times they’ll produce a story whereby they’ll segment products into perfect gifts for kids, men, women etc.

For programs like the living room, you don’t have to wait for gifting season as every single week they have a segment called Hot or Not where they talk about the virtues of a different product. If you’re prepared to do a give away, a morning program such as Studio 10 could give you the opportunity to have a three to five minute story as long as they feel that your product will resonate with their audience and you’re prepared to give away 60 products to their studio audience.

Besides these, if you can tie your product into a bigger story you could have a really good chance of getting exposure on TV. An example of this is our client Moochies who have created a smartwatch for kids and tweens. We tied the angle into the importance of having peace of mind when you start to give independence to your child or your tween. This story got a run on the news and they also had a six minute interview on The Today Show. After which time they sold $100,000 dollars worth of product.

So think about how you can tie your product into the TV audience and show the producer how your product will engage and add value to their audience. Do your best to get it across the line because the results are well worth it. If you’d like to have a chat about how you can get your brand or your product on TV feel free to get in touch. I’d love to chat to you about it.

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