How to use expert commentary to get media coverage

My name is Monica Rosenfeld. I’m a professional speaker and the founder of WordStorm PR. Over five weeks I’m sharing five newsworthy angles that you can use to get your brand in the media. And today I’m going to talk about expert commentary.

Now in order to become the go to expert for your industry in the media it’s essential for you to have some opinions. A good place to start thinking about this is looking at the trends of your industry. What’s happened in the past decade and what does the future of your industry look like. ‘Future of’ is a massive buzz word at the moment. It’s what people are talking about. Therefore it’s what the media wants to produce content about. So if you can provide some insight into what the future of your industry looks like you’re very likely to get the media’s attention.

Another good way to think about expert commentary is looking at any major changes that may have happened in your industry. Maybe there’s been new legislation passed that will have implications for all of us. If you can get onto the media and explain what the implications are of this legislation and what it’s all about to the lay person then it’s a really good opportunity to get some amazing publicity and mainstream press.

I’ll give you an example of this. We were doing publicity for a client who was opening a brand new bar in Potts Point right at the time when the lockout laws were passed. Awful timing for him I know but we aimed to make the best of the situation so we pitched him out to the media and offered him to give his opinion on the implications that the lockout laws will have on Sydney’s nightlife as a whole. He ended up getting a fantastic interview on The Project and several other mass media outlets. And while he gave them his opinion about the lockout laws he had the opportunity to promote his brand new bar. So in a way it was amazing timing. So what opinions do you have about your industry that you can share.

Feel free to drop me a line, comment, question as always and if you think the content of this video can help someone else, feel free to comment or share. Thanks so much and see you next week.

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