7 things I have learnt as a WordStorm PR Intern

As I sit down for my last day as an intern at WordStorm PR, I find it hard to believe that three months have passed so quickly! Reflecting on that time, I realise that I am now walking away with a wealth of information and have had the pleasure of meeting the most welcoming and helpful team of PR pro’s. I have tried, with difficulty, to condense this entire experience into 7 things I’ve learned as an intern:

The true value of PR

Even though I began at WordStorm as a third-year PR student, I didn’t fully understand the real-world impacts of public relations. Seeing the progress and results of various campaigns over three months has been so rewarding and has opened my eyes to the success that public relations can achieve for so many businesses, small and large.

Observe, observe, observe

From day one, I was encouraged to listen to everything that happens in the office. Tuning into everything, from phone conversations with clients, to constructive criticism, to discussing campaigns was just as valuable as the tasks I was given. It gave me an insight into how a successful PR agency runs, particularly in terms of communication, both internal and external.

The importance of organisation

It is safe to say that updating databases and filing magazines are not the most thrilling of tasks. But I can now appreciate that they are a crucial aspect of ensuring the office can run as efficiently as possible. It is so much easier to complete a task when things are organised and information is up to date!

Workplace culture is key

When I walked into the office on a Tuesday morning and saw the girls doing yoga, I knew this was the place for me. I never thought I would feel so comfortable so quickly and it is a credit to the work culture. Each Monday, everyone gets together to catch up on their weekends and update each other on their goals for the week. The combination of a small team and an open plan office makes WordStorm such a friendly and collaborative environment.

Time management

As a university student who has never had a full time job, the thought of spending 8 hours in an office was kind of daunting. The truth I have now learned is that sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day! Managing my time well and prioritising tasks was such a useful learning curve, especially now that I’m venturing into a career that is infamous for multiple projects and competing deadlines.


My internship has given me a range of new skills and experience that I can now add to my resume and utilise in my career from here on out. Moreover, it has built up my confidence by allowing me to be creative and see those creative ideas come to life.

On that note, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to the wonderful team at WordStorm PR for taking me in and sharing your wisdom. It has been a blast!


By Bonny Wythes

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