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By Olivia Munro

On the way to work each morning, I always like to catch up on emails on my phone. On one such occasion, I came across an email from an online retailer that I regularly shop from. They send at least one email a day about upcoming sales or promotions which I easily ignore or delete from my inbox. However, a particular email titled “Latest Denim Trends” grabbed my attention. It featured a model wearing the 5 ‘must have’ denim styles which I took an interest to. Later that day, I jumped on to Facebook to see the very same feature posted on their page. Sure enough, I also came across the same image on their Instagram.

In a world where social media is ever growing, our media consumption habits are constantly changing. As a devoted customer, the retailer is able to reach me through multiple social media platforms and use this to their marketing advantage. So how do you make your business or brand stand out on social media? What is the best platform to use? And how can you successfully engage with your customers? Here are a few little pointers to make sure you put your best foot forward and remain successful in your social media campaigns.


Keep your brand consistent across all social platforms

While it’s great to start off with a Facebook page, it’s highly likely that your Facebook followers also have an Instagram or Twitter account. Each social media platform offers unique ways of connecting and engaging with audiences. However, make sure you have a good understanding of how each channel works. While the online retailer advertised the same ‘5 must have denim’ feature across multiple social channels, the content was altered in order to be appropriate for each platform they were using.


Post consistently but don’t share too much

It’s good to post at least 1-2 days per week if not more. Whenever possible, use images in your post as users are more attracted to visuals and more likely to read the post. It’s also good to mix things up a bit too. Share a promotional image one day and post a relevant article or video the next to avoid repetitiveness.

And while it’s good to post consistently and at a regular basis, don’t bombard your audience with unnecessary content. Followers may get annoyed or feel overwhelmed if they constantly see your posts throughout the day. A way to avoid this is to include posts that are entertaining and informative rather than trying to ‘sell’. Utilising scheduling programs to plan content ahead of time ensures there is a constant and spaced flow of posts. Providing substance to your posts will keep your followers engaged!


Be interactive

It’s important to know your audience. Which posts generate more likes? What are they saying? By monitoring comments, hashtags or keywords, you will have a better understanding of your audience and know what posts they want to hear. Social media is fantastic because it allows us to serve our audience on a personal level. It’s always important to show your presence by responding to audience comments or by prompting interaction. This creates a bond and ensures that you are applying a two-way communication method.


Always proofread before posting

This advice is quite self-explanatory. Save yourself embarrassment and loss of credibility by always proofreading and checking for any grammar or spelling mistakes before you post.


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