PR Misconceptions 2

My name is Monica Rosenfeld and I’m the founder of WordStorm PR.

Over the next four weeks I’m going to be addressing the main misconceptions I’ve come across. When it comes to businesses magnifying their message in the media.

The misconception I will be addressing today is that you have to pay cold hard advertising dollars to be featured in the media, this is simply not true. There are two sides to any media outlet. The advertising side and the content side that is not advertising driven media outlets rely on advertisers. It’s their business model. However they also rely on content that’s going to add value to, engage and educate their audience. This keeps the audience coming back and without an audience it will be very hard for media outlets to attract advertisers. On the flip-side if media outlets only ran content produced by advertisers their audience will become disengaged very quickly. Let me put it this way would you tune in to the project for instance if you knew it was only filled with paid advertising content or would you read your favorite business magazine every month. If you knew that all the stories in there were only there because the brands paid for them to be there. Now there definitely is a place for advertising. However this relies on you having a budget to be able to do it consistently and strategically. The best case scenario would be you doing both forms of marketing both paid advertising and media relations to get that credibility but without advertising dollars you can certainly build your credibility and trust in the media.

So what content do you have in your business that will add value to the audience of a media outlet? Have a think about it and enjoy the credibility you’ll enjoy from free media exposure.


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