Let the Easter games begin!

Let the Easter games begin!

Every holiday is an excellent reason to have some bonding times at the office. Easter is ideal for sweetening up with your colleagues since it is a time where chocolate indulgence and calories don’t count – or do they?

Your role as the boss is not only to give orders and be the one everyone reports to, you also have to make sure the atmosphere at the office is as easy going and positive as it can be. A happy workplace is always most productive. If you want to be a ten-out-of-ten boss, here are some ideas on games and activities to celebrate Easter in the office.

Easter Egg Hunt

Difficulty level: 10/10

Satisfaction level: 9/10

Prize: The Easter egg you find… and the afternoon off work.

Rules: Everyone in the office plays. The classic rules apply to this game, but there is only one egg to be found. Set the timer for 10 minutes, when you press start everyone has to look for the egg.

This prize is what will have everyone in the office pumped and into the game. The satisfaction levels are high because who doesn’t love an afternoon off, especially right before a long weekend. But the satisfaction levels are not perfect because why only one chocolate egg?!


Easter Possum Dress up

Difficulty level: 9/10

Satisfaction level: 8/10

Prize: A chocolate egg from everyone that didn’t win.

Rules: Each colleague has to bring a chocolate bar or egg and come into the office dressed up as the Easter possum (or rabbit, depending on how un-Australian you want to be). Best, or most ridiculous costume wins all the chocolate that the losers have brought. This is not very satisfactory since walking to the office dressed as a possum doesn’t sound like a good morning, and there is only one winner.


 Easter Lunch/Dinner (and drinks)

Difficulty: 3/10

Satisfaction: 10/10

Prize: there’s no prize other than free food and drinks (thanks boss!)

Rules: Take the whole team to your favourite cafe or pub for food and drinks. A bit basic, but it is a classic that everyone appreciates. It is also a great opportunity to bond and get to know each other in the office.

Remember, you are the boss, so you make up your own rules.

… And, Happy Easter!


By Richard Figuera

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