Meet the Team – Joram

Name: Joram van der Starre

Title: General Manager

Nickname: Jori

Home town: Amsterdam

Current home: Kensington

Favourite Food? Thai

Favourite Bar/ Restaurant? Victoria Room in Darlinghurst

Favourite drink? Shiraz

What’s the favourite thing about your job? Seeing my photos published in magazines and newspapers.

What’s your favourite city to visit and why? Paris – I love wondering around the city on the metro and feeling the buzz.

What’s an average day in the office for you? There is no real average day, everyday I do something different from designing to IT to photography to ensuring that WordStorm is running smoothly.

Personal motto? You create your own reality (no matter what life throws at you it’s all about how you deal with it).

If you could be someone who would it be? I’m pretty happy being me.

3 words to describe yourself? Confident, stable & happy

What 3 words would your friends describe you with? Helpful, child whisperer, content

Favourite website/blog?

Guiltiest pleasure? Dark chocolate

Describe your perfect weekend: Fun with the kids during the day and dining out with friends at night.

Biggest risk you ever took (and how it paid off): Moving to Australia, paid off very well, I am very happy here.

Saving for…. I am always saving for the next project to make subtle but effective improvements to our house.

Best PR Tip? A good quality photo increases the chances to PR success.

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