Beat the Winter Blues

Winter has crept up on us very suddenly it seems. A few little sniffles quickly develop into a head cold and soon enough you have the flu. This winter we refuse to let it get a hold of us, and hopefully you too.

If you want to fend off that dreaded cold naturally this winter we have an obvious way to attack the flu. Healthy Living!

It is commonly known that garlic is a natural way you can help stop nasty colds if you get on top of it before it does you. The power of produce is remarkable. The natural disease fighting compounds called phytochemicals and antioxidants found in plant foods can enhance your immune system. Not only is garlic your friend so is ginger, lemon, foods with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitabin B and Folate.

Dark green leafy vegetables like beetroot are an excellent source of folate and have many other health benefits such as lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Trialia Foods Australia has produced a natural, health beneficial beetroot juice called ‘Beet It!”. It ranges from beetroot juice prepared with ginger to an organic sport stamina shot that is cut with lemon juice to smooth over the natural earthy taste of the beetroot.

Beet It has been a nice little addition to the panty so far this winter. It is mess free unlike a juicer and is convenient as it comes in a 70mL shot size you can stash easily in either your hand bag or gym bag.

Beet It is available from health food stores and independent grocers. Prices start at RRP $3.09.

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