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WordStorm’s Santa Stocking

When it comes to Christmas I do the same two things every year. I am 100 % sure that I am not the only one guilty of these:

  1. Panic about buying the perfect gift for my family & friends.
  2. Always, always leave Christmas shopping to the last minute!

This year I am a week or so more prepared than I usually am. Online shopping seems like it may have gotten me out of trouble this year (just) and saved me from self inflicted stress. Fingers crossed that Santa (the postman) arrives before I go on annual leave.

In order to hopefully help Christmas culprits much like myself, I have put together my own mock Christmas Gift Guide of goodies that I am eyeing off for my loved ones. I have also included a few of my favourite online shopping sites that I know are reliable with shipping and have many different gift ideas. God Bless the Internet!  

Lug Loc – A gadget any Dad would love! 

The Lug Loc Luggage Locator uses cellular signals to locate your misplaced baggage at any airport in the world. Buy it online or at David Jones stores for $49. Visit for more.


An affordable online shopping haven, that sells all of the on trend brands.

WineX – For the avid wine admirer! Which is everyone, right?

Sometimes wine doesn’t get enough time to chill. This is why I love Chill n Pour from WineX. Pre-freeze the steel rod, then insert into your bottle of vino to instantly chill it. It also stops little puddles of water that the ice bucket creates.

RRP $34.95


Beware! Hours can be spent here. Everything from books, furniture, wedding & travel, Raw Space provide quirky products, good design, and unique gifts for everyone.

The Book Seat – For everyone!!

No more messy hands while trying to cook and hold the recipe book open at the same time. The Book Seat is a handy product which allows people to read comfortably and hands free. It is available in a range of colours and can accommodate different sized books and electronic devices.

RRP $39.95 – $44.95

Blending the Cultures – Easy recipes for food lovers

This charming recipe book is perfect for anyone who likes non fuss, delicious meals. Tanya Bartolini’s passions were stoked by her Italian heritage which is evident throughout the book with family history and plenty of recipes.

RRP $39.95 

Red Balloon – 

For unique gifts that your loved ones will never forget visit Red Balloon. Gifts range from adventure filled experiences to relaxation.

Better Price Tags –

Make money whilst you shop!! Better Price Tags connects you to some of the biggest retailers nationwide and will give you cash back when you shop. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

Solestruck –  for a shoe FRENZY!

These are on my Christmas wish list….

I love these Jeffery Campbell’s. I wonder if they make their way into my Santa stocking?

With only 21 days until Christmas, I hope you all make it to the day, stress free, loaded with presents and hopefully still have some money left in your bank account! Sending Christmas Joy to you all and wishing you a happy & safe New Year. See you in 2014!!

Love Courtney xx

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