Things that the team from WordStorm are crushing on at the moment!


  • The fact I finished my last Uni Assignment!
  • Abbi Glines – Author, literally have brought every single one of her books and pre-sale books onto my iPad and have read each book at least three times! No joke!
  • Searching #hashtags of countries around the world on Instagram seeing the world through people’s eyes, screen shotting and adding them to my travel bucket list!
  • 6 second Vine videos
  • Spray on Tan by Le Tan
  • Fresh Coconut Water
  • Honey Coated Macadamia nuts
  • Boxing class at the gym!
  • Walking my fat puppy
  • Jacob Creek’s Twin Pickings range: Sauvignon Blanc and Moscato in one!
  • DJ Will Sparks
  • Stereosonic 2013 line up
  • SUSHI covered in soy sauce and mayo
  • Making my own rice paper rolls
  • Soundcloud – Kayne West
  • All Housewives on Arena (Beverly Hills is my fav)


  •  Learning to surf! Shred til Ya Dead! ha ha
  •  6 week 6 pack challenge. This is the first time in my life I have had visible stomach muscles!
  •  Living with my best friends~ so much fun!
  •  Meeting new people.
  •  Shoes, I have this obsession which I have never had before. It’s an expensive obsession.
  •  Thought Catalog – damn it covers everythingggg.
  •  My new salt lamp. It looks so cool.
  •  Playing pool! There is something so satisfying about beating your guy friends in a game of pool.
  •  Blood Orange’s new album, Cupid Deluxe!!
  • Reading, I am back in my reading phase. These come and go. Charles Bukowski is on my bedside table at the moment, well my floor; I don’t have a bedside table!


  • Cider and tacos at El Loco…the beef tacos are a must!
  •  Jogging along the beach at sunset…ahhhh summer is coming. Baywatch style!
  •  Watching the latest episodes of New Girl- is there anything better? Really?
  •  Reading the Game of Thrones box set…two down…five to go.
  •  Dinner parties with the ladies….wine included of course!
  •  Tinder…it is such a fun little app and so completely addictive…I think I have a problem…?


  •  My abs of steel! WordStorm’s morning work-outs are starting to make a difference on my tum – just in time for summer and bikini season!
  •  Post-travel buzz – having just got back from a trip around LA, Vegas and New York, I’m feeling inspired and rejuvenated.
  •  New social trends in PR – we’ve been attending several workshops on the growth of social PR concepts recently and even though it’s a little scary, it’s also incredibly exciting. We can’t  wait to see what 2014 will bring!
  •  Made in Chelsea – I can not get enough of trashy UK reality TV and this is my most-loved at the moment. The cattiness, the love triangles, the fashion – it’s everything.
  •  The Hunger Games – I’m so excited to girl-perve on J-Law all over again in Catching Fire this month.
  •  Skorts – is it a skirt? Is it shorts? Who knows but they’re flattering, comfy and practical!
  •  The festive season – seeing the much-beloved Christmas windows at David Jones in the city has me pumped for the next month of celebrations.
  •  Pug puppies – this needs no explanation.
  •  Chur Burger – their beef burgers and sweet potato fries are the answer to all life’s woes, particularly post Race Day-hangovers!


  •  Love discovering new small bars in Sydney eg. The Barber Shop – who would have thought you can get your hair cut while out for drinks?!
  •  Love online shopping for my summer wardrobe – someone needs to take my credit card away from me.
  •  Love weekends – especially now our backyard has a big blow-up pool! Bring on summer.
  •  Love the races – sunshine, friends, and champagne…oh and the actual races as well.
  •  Love coming home every day to be greeted by ‘the boys’ – two gorgeous little pug puppies full of excitement!


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