Do we spend too much on presents?


Christmas is 12 days away. Prepare yourself. Put your comfy shoes on and give yourself a pep talk- Christmas shopping is about to get CRAZY. Theweek before Christmas people mean business. Australians this year are estimated to spend about $32 billion. That is on average more than $1200 per person. Although good news for the struggling retail sector, when does it all become a bit too much?

Welfare agencies this year are struggling to keep up with demands because of a decrease in donations.  In what is traditionally a busy time for the Not for Profits that provide assistance to families in need, this year agencies have reported a “sharp drop” in basic items like non-perishable food and clothing.

Are we become too greedy? We live in a society that is constantly on the go but does anyone take time out to sit back and enjoy Christmas for what it is actually about or is it just for the presents? Not going to lie, I love giving presents and it brings great joy and happiness seeing other people’s faces when they are unwrapping a present which I have given them. But when does it get excessive? Especially when $2.5 billion is predicted to be spent on unwanted gifts!

I mean, I really don’t want to put a dampener on your Christmas spirits or anything like that. Far from it.  Just maybe we should be smarter about what we are actually buying.


(On a side note: How great is the movie the Grinch)

So if you are struggling to think of what to buy your friend, grandpa or sister, here are somegift ideas that they will not only love but you will also be giving back.

For the book worm: 

The Hands Across the Water book is the inspiring tale of how one knockabout Aussie bloke changed the lives of thousands by simply offering a hand makes the perfect Christmas gift, serving as a reminder that one person can truly make a difference. 

For the MasterChef:

Hands Across The Kitchen which features the recipes and personal stories of 51 world-famous chefs such as Adriano Zumbo, Neil Perry, Maggie Beer, Julie Goodwin, Tetsuya Wakuda and Manu Feildel.

For the photographer:

The Hands Across The Water Photo Book tells the tale of Peter’s journey, as well as the journeys of the children affected in the tsunami through breathtaking photographs.  

The great thing about these books is that you are giving back to the charity. How good does that feel?


Other great gifts include:

Oxfam unwrapped program. Give a pig, goat or a chicken to people who truly need it. Not only will you feel great for buying it, your friends will love it too!

Donate to charities on behalf of someone. Clothing items, toys or food can help desperate families in need.

Are you planning on giving the gift of giving this Christmas?

How much do you usually spend?

What is the meaning of Christmas to you?

Merry Christmas



Kate and the Stormettes

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