Change- Yes we Can!

It is with great excitement that we welcome you to our brand new website! The launch of WordStorm’s new-look website this week has been a highly anticipated moment here at the office and we are all so excited as this is a crucial part of WordStorm’s overall re-branding. You may notice our fabulous new logo design, as well as the addition of many more case studies of past clients. We’ve also updated our staff information as well as fresh and exciting new photos of the amazing WordStorm team! This new design has made it easier to find exactly what you need within the website as well as showcasing what our clients are up to in the media. When looking at re-branding within a PR context it is evident that we are not the first organisation to adopt a fresh new look. Re-branding occurs regularly with celebrities whether it’s the way X-Tina became Christina Aguilera, the transformation from Hannah Montanna to Miley Cryrus and we cannot go past the many re-incarnations of Britney. A few years ago she was bald and attacking photographers and now she’s back on track, touring the world and delighting her fans once more. It just goes to show how re-branding is a powerful tool within PR to essentially refresh and revitalize determined ideas or views as well as creating something new and exciting. There is something very thrilling about trying something new, whether it’s a small change like trying red lipstick for the first time, to traveling and exploring new places or even re-branding a whole business. As human beings we constantly desire to learn, try new things and broaden our horizons. This goes for fitness as well, where studies have shown people commonly enjoy exercise more if it’s something new and outside their regular routine. We are delighted with our new look website. Unlike Britney, none of us have shaved our heads. Instead WordStorm’s re-branding is a modern and uplifting change, while maintaining the same down-to-earth and positive approach to PR you’ve come to expect. Please have a look around and we hope you love it as much as we do! So with this we encourage you to try something new, may it be big or small. Variety is the spice of life and in the midst of a cold Sydney winter, a little spice could go a long way!

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