WordStorm’s Top 10 Summer Destinations

If you were glued to the TV last week enjoying every succulent second of MasterChef’s New York Week you may be feeling a little like us here at the WordStorm office, wanting a fabulous (and preferably warm) getaway!

So it is with delight that we bring you WordStorm’s Top 10 Summer Destinations, a personalised list of our dream holiday spots, if MasterChef didn’t get your travel bug itching, this list will definitely do the trick.

1. New York City: Of course we could not go past the Big Apple, I don’t know about you but watching the contestants of MC exploring every corner of this fabulous metropolis got me dreaming of bagels and Mr Big. From the blissful inner-city Central Park to the bustling streets of Brooklyn and historic Harlem, NYC is most certainly a summer destination that you could easily spend weeks if not months exploring. To escape the summer heat, the abundance of museums, galleries and architectural masterpieces would keep you busy. There is an infinite supply of incredible experiences to be savored in this amazing city. In the words of Alicia Keys and Jay Z- let’s hear it for New York! Alice’s pick.

2. Barcelona:  Your summer would certainly sizzle in the seductive Spanish capital whether it’s strolling down the famous La Rambla or marveling at Gaudi’s spectacular La Sagrada Familia.  This destination is a perfect summer mix of amazing culture, food and history to boot. One can enjoy the city relatively cheaply as well as luxuriously whether it’s sipping on the finest Sangria or indulging in delicious Tapas. You could hit the beach during the day, then party the night away (quite literally, most locals don’t head out until about 1am) in the Port Olympic nightlife district. Barcelona is an enchanting destination that we’re certainly dreaming of here at WordStorm. Ali’s Pick.

3. Bora Bora: You would have difficulty finding someone who wouldn’t want to spend some lazy days in this tropical Tahitian Paradise. Bora Bora definitely makes our list in terms of luxury and relaxation, a dream destination for many we’re sure. Whether it’s snorkeling in the crystal clear water, hiking or enjoying a spectacular sunset with a special someone, Bora Bora is a romantic getaway that would certainly warm up any winter blues.

4. San Francisco: This Californian city is the perfect destination for a mix of laid-back activities like exploring the city on its famous cable cars to venturing into the infamous Alcatraz prison. As well as this, maybe taking a drive on the most photographed bridge in the world- the Golden Gate of course. After enjoying the various museums, attractions and amazing food, one could take a day trip from San Fran to the beautiful Napa Valley and enjoy a glass of world-renowned wine, or two.

5. Hong Kong: If you’re anything like the WordStorm girls and you enjoy shopping (maybe a little too much) then Hong Kong is definitely a city worth spending some time in. Many shops stay open late to so you can challenge your shopping stamina. As well as the amazing shopping, the city is a cultural delight mixing Eastern and Western ways of life. There is something to surprise even the most seasoned traveler such as the world’s tallest outdoor seated Buddha statue located on the spectacular Lantau Island. For those who are young at heart- there us always the happiest place on earth, Hong Kong’s Disneyland. Sarah’s pick.

6. Biarritz: Located in the Basque region, nestled right on the border of France and Spain, Biarritz is as luxurious as it sounds. The seaside town is popular amongst surfers and tourists and maintains a relatively low profile compared to other French coastal destinations such as the French Riviera. The laid-back Spanish influence on the town makes this a must-visit, from exploring its beautiful coastal coves to trying your luck at the many dazzling casinos; this fun-filled French town makes our dream destination list for obvious reasons. Catherine’s Pick.

7. Las Vegas: Of course Sin City makes our list, whether you’re there to see Cher live in concert, to be dazzled by Siegfried and Roy or maybe to try your luck in one of the many thousand  casinos the options are endless! It is no surprise that some have dubbed Las Vegas as the Entertainment Capital of the World. Whether you want to party like the boys in The Hangover or get married by Elvis, Las Vegas is a summer hotspot that we certainly wouldn’t mind waking up in. Debra’s Pick.


8. The Amalfi Coast: If something is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site you know it must be kind of a big deal. That is certainly the case for this coastal region in southern Italy. This luxurious coastline is located on the ankle of Italy’s boot, including the town of Positano which has inspired writers and artists alike due to its stunning beauty, and subsequent UNESCO rating. Discover the area along the bending, cliff top roads that hug the beautiful Mediterranean coastline (think classic James Bond).  Discover this beautiful area that’s as rich in history as it is in spectacular scenery. Jenny’s Pick.

9.  Cabo San Lucas: It is easy to understand why this beautiful Mexican gem is so popular, its regular visitors range from Speidi to Jennifer Aniston, Cabo San Lucus has become a popular getaway to both relax and party ‘Spring Break’ style. After you’ve had a surf lesson, done a spot of celeb-spotting Cabo has an amazing nightlife with an abundance of activities within the resorts to keep you entertained. From soaking up the Baja sun on the beach to sampling the finest tequila, Cabo is most definitely a dream destination of ours here at WordStorm.  Tash’s Pick

10. The Greek Islands: To top of our list of winter-warming dream destinations it would be impossible to forget the spectacular Greek Islands. Despite its crumbling economy Greece certainly hasn’t lost its charm, with the Greek Islands captivating countless visitors every year. From stunning Santorini to the party Islands of Ios and Mykonos, these Islands are naturally beautiful as well as fun-filled.  It may not be the best time to visit these Mediterranean party islands but in the meantime we can always daydream about the beautiful white and blue speckled villages of the Greek Islands.

We hope this has brought a little sunshine into an otherwise drizzly Monday morning! Love Alice and the WordStorm girls xx


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May 28, 2015