A PR hack that won’t cost you a cent

In today’s video I’m going to share with you a free resource that you can use to start getting publicity for yourself without any fuss whatsoever. It’s called Source Bottle. No, it’s not a wine company and it’s not a tomato sauce business, it’s a resource that matches up journalists who are looking for expertise on certain topics with people like yourself who have that information to give and who are keen to magnify your message or their messages in the media.

So it’s spelt Source Bottle, S-O-U-R-C-E bottle.com.au, and what happens is that you receive a daily newsletter with a list of headlines that journalists have listed with what their stories are about. If you click on the headline that matches what you can help with it give you a bit more information about the story and what they’re looking for. And then it will let you know the deadline.

If you think you can contribute or help the journalists out with their story, you literally click on that, put your information and click away and you may or may not hear from the journalists. So what I wanted to share next is how to go about being as successful as possible when putting yourself forward with one of these items.

Firstly you will see in every item listed by a journo it will have the deadline. So don’t say to yourself “okay I’ll leave that till later, I’ll get my answer to you know closer to the deadline. Essentially it’s first come first served. As soon as the journalist gets the information they require and tees up that interview that they need, they’re not going to look any further. So I would suggest you sign up to Source Bottle and as soon as the newsletter comes into your inbox as soon as you see it open it up, and have a really good look if there’s anything you feel that you can relate to and help journalists with on that day.

Then don’t procrastinate. Click on the link and be very succinct with your answer. This isn’t a time to start rambling on and telling your life story and your whole business story. Really read the question carefully about what the journalist is looking for and be very direct and to the point, showing the journalists why you are the expert in this area and the type of information you would give in as part of an interview.

So that’s my tip for the week. I know you’ll find it useful if you put it into action.

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