How you can use an upcoming Awarness Day to hang a newsworthy story off

In today’s video I’m going to be talking about an Awareness Day that’s coming up in April that you could possibly hang a news worthy story off.

Now if you’ve been watching my videos or maybe you’ve even seen me present, you may remember that awareness days is something that I talk about as one of the angles that you can hang a story off for the media.

So on the 5th of April it’s Walk to Work Day. So if you are a business involved in health and that could be anything from fitness, physiotherapy or chiropracty or even mental health just to name a few. Or perhaps you’re a business that sells shoes and maybe even walking or fitness shoes, then this is the perfect day for you to take advantage of and pitch a story to the media.

So if you are in a fitness business an angle could be something like “five ways to incorporate more intermitted exercise into each and every day.” If you’re in a physiotherapy business or you’re a chiropractor, an angle could really a great angle that could work is “the perfect walking stride to maintain optimum health for your knee and back.” Or even “five of the most common strides that create havoc for our knee and back. So that would be a great angle for you and if it’s about mental health it could be about why more exercise and regular walking has a dramatic effect on us feeling good and positive and improving our mental health. If you’re a shoe brand you could be talking about how to find the perfect walking shoe for your foot that you know maintains good health for your body.

So as you can see lots of different businesses can relate to this particular Awareness Day, and you know the media might not remember this day. Some producers and journos might not even know about it. But if you are in a business where you can hang some sort of expertise on this day and you go to the journo with the you know with the information that on the 5th of April it is Walk to Work Day and here’s five tips on how to or five myths about such and such.

It’s a really good opportunity for you to get picked up by mass media outlets on that particular day and give you some awesome credibility which you can then share through your social channels, use in all your marketing collateral. It’s really a fantastic opportunity.

So take five to ten minutes and have a think and maybe even brainstorm with your team or your partner about angles that you can come up with even if you’re not involved in health or shoes or whatever. Sometimes we can tie a very long bow when it comes to these sorts of angles. And if you do make that effort to pitch it, pitch it to morning program, morning TV programs. Pitch it to online news sites like They are looking for content so if you give them content that’s relevant to what’s going on in the world, you’ve got a good chance of it getting picked up. So I hope I’ve given you some food for thought.

Feel free to ask me any questions as always or make any comments and like and share the video if you think anyone else out there in LinkedIn land will get value, and I look forward to seeing you next week.


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