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Media Release, March 2014

Could this be the end of Botox®?

Introducing the no needle approach to anti-aging injections.

According to the results of a recent Italian study, the use of needles for the administration of Botox could soon be a thing of the past, as a special transdermal delivery with a pulsed current called iontophoresis has shown promising results. But questions around the safety of delivering Botox into the skin without controlling where in the system the toxin would travel, have inspired the use of iontophoresis to deliver alternative anti aging actives.

This month, the worldwide launch of IONOTOX Microcurrent patches, new electric skin patches, which can inject safe, yet effective wrinkle relaxing neuro-peptides into the skin has experts predicting that many Botox devotees will jump ship and opt for a pain free way to stop visible skin aging. The 20 minute patch treatment, which provides both instant and lasting results, is painfree and can be applied safely at home.

IONOTOX Microcurrent patches by freezeframe, are the very latest development in high tech beauty trends, delivering potent skincare actives into the skin via an electrical current rather than a needle.

Originally developed to deliver drugs into the skin without needles, IONOTOX microcurrent patches contain a paper thin battery which induces an electromotive force, to push potent anti aging actives into the skin. Traditionally, some of the most effective antiaging ingredients contain molecules too large to get past the stratum corneum. But the microcurrents in IONOTOX microcurrent patches push even large molecules past the stratum corneum via pores, sweat ducts and follicles.


Microcurrents are well known for their age defying ability, with women collectively spending millions of dollars on in salon microcurrent treatments. IONOTOX gives you all of the benefits of a microcurrent treatment plus a needle free injection of power actives. Mini vibrations tone, firm and lift away wrinkles, sagging and puffiness whilst simultaneously emitting the electromotive force which drives a highly charged active serum (applied to the patch) into the skin.

“People will always be searching for ways to look younger, but can be hesitant to explore invasive options due to a fear of needles. We have developed a perfectly comfortable and affordable alternative with the patches giving astonishing and lasting results,” says Self Care Corporation CEO, Sonia Amoroso, an award winning beauty entrepreneur and Founder of the freezeframe brand.

As an instant flash treatment, using the IONOTOX microcurrent patches once a week will give you immediately smoother skin with less wrinkles and a lifted appearance, with results lasting up to one week. The combination of microcurrents and freezeframe’s Advanced Serum Repair, with highly active ionised neuro-peptides, Hyauluronic acid and Vitamin C, work together to give you a mini lift for an instant effect that cannot be denied.


The electromotive, injection free delivery of these potent actives takes them to depths they have never been before, delivering never before seen results from a topical formulation.

­­­­After 1 treatment, some women will look as much as 10 years younger. After 4 treatments every sign of aging in the treatment area will be dramatically diminished, for anti-aging results that last. The patches can be applied to the eye contour area and nasolabial folds, with the 3V batteries activating on contact with the skin.

IONOTOX by freezeframe will be available from Myer, Priceline, My Chemist, Chemist Warehouse, Good Price and leading pharmacies, from March 30. RRP$99 (4 patch treatment sets + Advanced Serum Repair per pack). For further information please visit: www.freeze-frame.com.au.

Botox is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.

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