What Makes an Award-Winning PR Campaign

This morning Jenny and I attended the Public Relations Institute of Australia NSW Award Winning Case Studies breakfast at William Blue Brasserie in North Sydney.  While being served poached eggs by fantastic hospitality students, we were given a rundown by four guest speakers on what made their PR campaigns – of various lengths – so successful  and worthy of the PRIA awards.

Here are the top tips we learnt:

  • Do your research. Whether for a consumer product or organisation, know who you’re targeting and pitch to their relevant media.
  • Acknowledge your hurdles. You will come across difficult tasks within your campaign, so be sure to know when they’re coming up and how best to overcome them.
  • Be innovative! Remember, fortune favours the brave.  Pitch that wacky idea, you never know – the client may love it.
  • Be wary of Facebook pages when your client is a website, or the social media network could detract from the client.
  • Be honest with yourself and the client. Don’t make promises you can’t keep within your proposal.
  • Make a list of influential people on Twitter who you could generate conversation with to get your tweets into their feeds and out to their followers.
  • Be enthusiastic, genuinely, about your client!
  • Have case studies to back-up your pitches. Many, many case studies.

What are your top tips for a stellar PR campaign?

Signed, Tammi and the Stormettes

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