The Power of Blogs

Blogs are to PR as Facebook is to teenagers

You don’t have to work in the communications industry to know the importance of social media. For example, Twitter has recently reported it has 288 million monthly active users worldwide and it’s only one of many social media platforms to experience such exponential growth. It’s not uncommon for some of the least expected people to jump onto various social media such as Instagram or Facebook, from the elderly to pets! But with new social media forms constantly emerging we must not forget to overlook one of the first, and most useful forms for social media; the blog.

Blogs are extremely powerful tools for digital marketing and often blogger outreach can meet more potential customers than traditional media. Some public relations companies have capitalised on this choosing to focus their sights entirely on bloggers.

Furthermore readers of blogs often comprise large segments of desired target audience especially for lifestyle brands. Women are avid bloggers and even if your product isn’t gender specific it must be remembered that Women make 80 percent of household purchase decisions.

So it’s clear how important bloggers are to pitch to but how, may you ask, is a company blog useful for a company directly?

By having a company blog the natural search engine optimisation is improved of a company’s website. This means your firm will yield more search results as well as offering an insight into the goings on behind the scenes of your company, personalising your firm to others. For example, a public relations company blog can have updates on relevant news such as new clients or internal promotions. Blogs can be a source of readily accessible information for those interested in the company and can reach many potential customers in a non-standardised form.

So you don’t necessarily have to be the next Gary Pepper Girl or Mimi Lashiry…just get blogging!

Blogpost by Eleanor Popham


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