The Importance of Workplace Culture

Throughout my studies at university, tutors and lecturers alike have always emphasised the importance of culture within the workplace.

A key quote from my studies that I have kept with me is by Roger D’Aprix;

“A worker who sees clear connections between what he or she does and the success and accomplishments of the organisation, is much more likely to be a satisfied and productive worker.”

When I settled in at WordStorm PR as an intern, I felt Roger’s quote come to life.

So why does what Roger D’Aprix said, matter?

Ultimately, workplace culture defines the company’s internal and external identity.  Simultaneously it is a representation of how you do business. Employees, and ensuring they enjoy the culture within the business is integral.  This insider info can be handy in projecting the organisation’s story; through an employee’s personal experience, they can describe the company in a manner that elicits a unique and/or valuable interpretation of the organisation.

At WordStorm PR, I have observed a wonderful workplace culture where each worker works extremely hard and roots for one another to gain coverage and work with clients. It presents an encouraging atmosphere within the office that makes each worker strive for the same, if not better results. Furthermore pushing the team forward and emphasising that one person’s achievement is everyone’s achievement.

Every staff member regardless of their position, is kind and helpful. They also communicate with one another efficiently, with emails and communication prompt and well mannered.

The culture within the workplace is also reflected upon in the office environment. The atmosphere is relaxed with numerous bean bags for comfort and colourful, expressive artwork displayed around the office. It omits that warm fuzzy feeling that everyone loves. There is also an office dog, Leo, who is always on patrol ensuring that staff members aren’t getting too stressed out either.

As I continue interning at WordStorm PR, I look forward to coming in each day and can’t wait for the following week. My enthusiasm is a mere reflection of how hospitable and professional the team at WordStorm PR are. A tight-knit team of well-connected, creative and down-to-earth PR Professionals that strive for the best approach and results.

By Jasmine Trajceski

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