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I have a confession to make. I’m addicted to my Smartphone! And I don’t think I’m alone in this obsession with facebook on-the-go, instant weather updates and other apps that are just plain fun. In fact, almost one third of Australians have used their Smartphone on the toilet. Worrying? Maybe. An opportunity? Most definitely. Mobile marketing is a fast growing platform and one not to be underestimated. This morning we were delighted to welcome the Business Director of Nomad, David McGowan, to our office to speak at our first breakfast seminar of 2011. A mobile solutions specialist, David offered expert knowledge about how brands can speak to their audience via a method beyond traditional marketing. Hot tools such as iPhone apps, location based services, SMS interactions and mobile websites enable brands to communicate and connect with their audience in a relevant and interactive manner. So what did we learn?

  • Mobile penetration in Australia is 100% – everyone has one!
  • Approximately 70% of users with web enabled mobile phones have accessed the internet from their mobile and the shift is only accelerating.
  • Brands are constantly thinking of fresh, innovative ideas in order to effectively engage consumers.
  • Our favourite latest ‘big idea’ is the brainchild of Nike; a motivating iPhone app that monitors the user’s pace and distance when out for a run, then posts the results on facebook. Slowing down? This clever app will blast out an upbeat tune to get you moving.
  • Other smart ideas include Starbucks offering loyal customers discounts for repeatedly signing in on FourSquare and Harvest Mark’s food tracking app; simply scan the barcode to find out where this apple was grown!
  • Most marketers shouldn’t be asking “what should our big mobile idea be?” but rather “where does mobile behaviour intersect with our brand?”
  • By focusing on other digital channels, such as online gaming, social media, online video etc… marketers will find there are many facets to the mobile world, such as M sites, SMS promotions and location based services.
  • Integration WITHIN mobile rather than integration OF mobile boils down to three questions: Who is using mobile? What content are they viewing? When are they using their mobile?
  • Who is using mobile? Children too, apparently! After a focus group revealed that parents are happy to let kids use their Smartphones, Nomad created an educational yet fun iPhone app for Taronga Zoo. The app was such a roaring success it became the number 1 educational game in the app store!
  • What content are they viewing? To use google terms, ‘repetitive now’ is checking the same content over and over, like a news site. ‘Bored now’ are transient users who are filling time. ‘Urgent now’ is a request to find something specific fast, such as the location of a restaurant.
  • When are they using their mobile? FourSquare, Facebook Places, SCVGNR…It’s all about branded interactions with the real world!

Check out to find out more… Til next time, Sophie and Team WordStorm xoxo

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