The big event!

Everyone loves a great party – and as a PR firm we love to organise one, but it’s not easy when you’re arranging logistics and trying to publicise the event at the same time. While we’re in the midst of organising our 10th Birthday party we thought it was a great time to talk about organising events and what helps bring it all together. Managing your budget: We all know budget plays the biggest part in organising anything – and by anything, we mean everything! It’s important to be clear about budget from the start, know your total spend and outline estimated costs for each individual expense right from the get go. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, but it is important to have a rough idea of what each element is going to cost. Update your individual expenses as you go along – account for every cent you spend and where you’ve spent it. No matter how small the price, it all adds up in the end. Finding sponsorship: This is where you call on every contact you’ve met along the way. As we mentioned, we’re organising our 10th birthday party at the moment. We were super lucky in our pursuits of alcohol sponsorship with the fabulous (seriously, we can’t stress how awesome they are) Excelsior Hotel ( sponsoring our event – this was a huge bonus because it obviously saved us heaps of money. Moral of the story? Scout around for sponsors – you’ll find them in the unlikeliest of places – and while you may not hit the jackpot and get everything free of charge, if you can snag a great deal on a venue or find a wine sponsor, you’ll save plenty. The feeding frenzy: Food is another big expense, and can be a hit or miss. One of the biggest sins when organising an event is under catering – there is nothing worse than hungry guests. If you’re expecting 200 at your party, always cater for more. People expect plenty of food and especially when alcohol is involved, it is important to keep your guests well fed. Any leftover food can be donated to charities such as Oz Harvest ( – that way nothing goes to waste and you’re supporting a great cause! Relax! While the tension definitely builds in the lead up to the big night – when the doors open, and guests start piling in, take a breath and relax. Don’t spend the entire night stressing about whether the balloons are holding the helium or if the music is too loud. Know you’ve done a great job pulling it all together and enjoy yourself. Don’t spend the whole time monitoring the room – mingle with your guests and get involved!

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