The number one mistake authors make when trying to get publicity

My name is Monica Rosenfeld, and I’m a professional speaker and an expert in media relations. Today I’m going to talk about the number one mistake that book authors make when trying to get publicity for their book.

So you’re an author, you’ve gone to the huge amount of trouble of writing a book, you’ve got it published or it’s self published, a huge box has landed on your doorstep and you’re so proud of this book and you want to use it as a vehicle to get media coverage. Fantastic idea, but what a lot of authors then do, they take their book, they might even sign it. They get a list of journalists that they want to send it to. Good idea. But the problem is they send them the book and hope for the best with not a lot else.

So what happens is very busy journalists is working on lots of different stories under a lot of pressure. The book lands on their desk. They look at it they think interesting title this looks good and shove it to the side and never give it a moment’s thought. Why? It’s not because they’re lazy. It’s not because they don’t like your book. It’s just because they’re busy. And if you can help them by showing them the relevance that your book or the topics in the book have to their audience you will have 1000 percent more success rate. If you just send them the book and say you know I’d love to be featured about my book. It really comes down to a bit of common sense.

So as I said in my previous video have a look at the chapters in your book because every one of those would be an interesting topic for a certain type of media and that media would be have an audience that’s interested in a topic that you’ve discussed in your book. Does that make sense? So don’t just send a signed copy of your book to a journalist because you’ll get absolutely nothing from that. Put a bit more time and effort into your PR strategy when it comes to releasing your book and you will really reap the rewards. Thanks I’ll see you next time.


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