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My name is Monica Rosenfeld and I’m the founder of WordStorm PR.

Over the next four weeks I’m going to be producing short videos to show you strategies of how you can get your brand on TV. In this video I’m going to be focusing on morning TV programs such as Today Show, Sunrise and The Daily Edition.

Producers of morning TV shows are looking for content that will add value to and engage their audience. In this case their audience is largely made up of women, who are a very powerful market seeing as they have huge amount of control over the household purchases.

Every morning TV show has a regular format of reading regular news feeds advertisements and advertorials but in between all of that there’s quite a lot of air to fill and they want to fill it with content that will keep their audience switched on and tuned in.

If you want to have a good chance on getting on morning TV show you have to have something interesting to show or tell a good strategy is coming up with Top Five Tips on a topical issue. Think about how you can educate and add value to the audience. For instance we arranged a TV interview with our budgeting coach David Rankin who got onto to TV to give five top tips on how to keep create financial goals that you will actually stick to. They were so impressed with him that he has since become a regular and he’s been on two more segments relating to budgeting issues. See that’s the thing with TV they’re always looking for good spokespeople. So if you can show them that you’re good reliable media talent you’re very likely to get called back.

Now you might be thinking that your target audience doesn’t watch morning TV shows therefore you won’t bother putting your PR efforts there but I would argue that being able to say as seen on Sunrise on your website through your social channels and on your marketing collateral does give your brand credibility and trust and it does resonate with your target audience even if they might not necessarily watch the show.

So what top five tips can you come up with related to your expertise that will have you beaming across the lounge room of Australian consumers. Have a think about it feel free to ask me any questions and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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