Meet The Team- Tammi

Name: Tammi Ireland
Home town: Perth, Western Australia Current home: Bondi Beach, New South Wales
Favourite Food? Anything Italian
Favourite Bar/ Restaurant? The Winery in Surry Hills. The décor is unlike anything I’d ever seen before I moved to Sydney, the food is phenomenal and they have the most exquisite red wine list.
Favourite drink? Soy Cappucino
What’s the favourite thing about your job? It’s hard to pick just one! Networking is a definite highlight, as I’ve met so many lovely journalists and publicists through my job. It’s also great to see small businesses thrive and get results from their hard-earned money. It’s their livelihood, and it’s a great feeling to help them to see sales/awareness through a successful PR campaign.
What’s your favourite city to visit and why? Again, hard to pick just one. I was surprised to love the architecture in Ljubljana on a recent visit and would love to return there when I have more time, NYC is an obvious favourite, and I adore Roma. Locally, Perth will always be my favourite place to visit as it houses my friends, family and some of the best beaches in the world.
What’s an average day in the office for you?There is no average day, but today went something like this:In by 8.15am and checking emails and all the social media sites for my clients and myself. Catch up on my favourite websites (Into The Gloss, Sous Style, NYC PR Girls, Man Repeller… did I mention I loved NYC?) while other staff come in. Have a few meetings, write some media releases and pitch to journalists. Organise a few journalist coffees (networking is key in this job!) and liaise with media interested in our clients. Lunch is usually at my desk, updating databases as I eat. Working through, I usually leave between 6.30 and 7pm.
Personal motto?Fake It Til You Make It’. Also, ‘Go Hard or Go Home!’
What inspires you? Women doing great things for themselves and their careers: Beyonce and Kelly Cutrone in the big scheme of things, and also my friends Athanae and Jayde.
3 word to describe yourself? Driven, passionate, strong.
What 3 words would your friends describe you with? Run The World.
Favourite website/blog? Into The Gloss ( I think founder Emily Weiss has taken beauty blogging to new heights and her editorial schedule is always on-par. The way she has monetised the site and grown it in around two years is incredible. Plus, the content is unique and personal, although she has access to the high-players in fashion, so that does make it a bit easier.
Guilties Pleasure? Sleep-ins. So rare
What brand best describes you? Witchery. Mostly black, structured and powerful.
Describe your perfect weekend: Sleep-in until 9am, walk to Bondi getting wet while I attempt to surf, wander back home for some reading time (currently: Kirstie Clements’ The Vogue Factor) on fresh sheets before blasting Beyonce and getting ready for a night out at Tio’s or Frankie’s Pizza with friends.
Biggest risk you ever took (and how it paid off)? Moving to Sydney with no job and no house to come to. Three days after I landed, I had all of the above, plus a great bunch of friends and a new career path.
Saving for? A holiday through Paris, Canada and New York City, plus an apartment for when I return.
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