Meet The Team- Sarah

Name: Sarah Fleming


Age: 24


Nickname: Sar, Sar Bear, Flem, Flem-Dog, Flemo, Sawey Poo (only my sister is allowed to call me this)


Favourite Food?


Anyone who’s met me knows this answer already – cheese pizza! I’m an absolute pizza fiend. It doesn’t matter if it’s hand crafted by Italian chefs or ordered from Dominos, I don’t discriminate. It’s my guilty pleasure and one I indulge in a little too often.


Brie and crackers is another one, followed by rocky road and Black Forrest chocolate – ah, if only you could live off dough, cheese and chocolate!


Favourite Bar/ Restaurant?


I love sitting on the balcony of The Clock on Crown St on a summer afternoon. It just has a great vibe, great food and I always find that men come up and talk to me there. Definitely a pre-requisite for a great bar!


In Canberra (my hometown), you can find me Honky Tonks followed by ICBM. It’s one of the trashiest clubs I know but it’s so unpretentious and I have so many wonderful memories there – I immediately feel 18 again when I walk through the doors.


Favourite drink?


Definitely a margarita – if I’m drinking a margarita and eating a margarita pizza, I’m pretty much in heaven.


What’s the favourite thing about your job?


The people – I’m blessed to be able to work with some of my best friends in the world.


I also just find PR so satisfying, you get to chat to journalists all day and come up with exciting angles in brainstorms and then you’re rewarded by seeing your clients in the media. We’re lucky in that we get to work with small businesses – their work is their life and that passion is so contagious. I love when you’ve worked hard at putting a story together and you get a great piece of coverage as a result. I still get a thrill when that happens and I think that’s the best sign of whether you’re in the right industry or not.


What’s your favourite city to visit and why?


Canberra – it’s my hometown and I could rave for hours about the many reasons I love it. The top one is the fact that my family is there though. Screw Paris and London, bring on the Aussie capital!


What’s an average day in the office for you?


Checking my overflowing inbox; pitching a story idea or product to a database of media; making tea with my colleagues and using it to catch up on gossip from the previous evening; eating lunch at my desk or if we’re feeling the need for fresh air, going for a taco at El Loco; convincing journalists to feature my client; writing a press release; having a brainstorm on our love sacs (read: humungous beanbags) for an upcoming creative send-out and knocking off – wine time?


Personal motto?


I know it’s a corny one but I find that ‘Everything happens for a reason’ pops into my head frequently. I’m a bit lame in that I believe in fate and destiny and all that rom-com cheesiness so it’s fitting.


Also – work hard, play hard.


If you could be someone who would it be?


Minka Kelly because she’s amazing and dating Chris Evans. Honestly though, I’m quite happy being me at the end of the day. I’d love to be a boy for the day though! Oh, the things I’d get up to…


3 word to describe yourself?


The good – loving, loyal and fun

The bad – neurotic, narcissistic and dramatic


What 3 words would your friends describe you with?

Probably something like ‘emotional hot mess’. I actually asked a friend this and she said ‘up for cocktails’, love it.


Favourite website/blog?


I’ve recently become obsessed with Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed but don’t check them out if you haven’t already because you’ll literally never leave your computer. I love Gary Pepper Vintage for fashion and photography inspiration and for celebrity goss, you can’t look past the Daily Mail. I also love browsing shopping websites like Princess Polly and Sabo Skirt – even if I can’t afford anything (which is always), I love looking at pretty clothes. It’s enjoyable torture.


Guiliest pleasure?


Pizza! And The Bachelor. The Bachelor is one of my favourite things in life and I’m only slightly ashamed to admit it.

Describe your perfect weekend


Curling up in front of the telly on a Friday evening and having a 12 hour sleep (I can never manage going out on a Friday, it’s my chill out night!). Sleeping in on Saturday and taking far too long to get moving. Then lunch in the sun with friends – preferably with cider and tacos. Followed by getting ready to go out. I’m the sort of person that likes to spend hours getting ready. I’ll be in the middle of doing my make up and get distracted for half an hour drinking a glass of wine in front of How I Met Your Mother.


Eventually I’d get out and have an amazing night on the town with my best friends. So amazing that I can’t move all of Sunday. I love the ‘morning after’ to debrief on the previous night and laugh at the inevitably crazy antics and bizarre situations we found ourselves in. The rest of the day would be spent snuggled in front of the TV – if it’s raining outside, that’s a bonus.


Biggest risk you ever took (and how it paid off)


I’d say moving to Sydney after high school – I hated life for about six months and I’ve loved it for the next six years. I really struggled leaving my family and friends back home but it turned out to be the best decision I ever made.


Other than that, I’d say leaving my last job for WordStorm – I knew I didn’t really have the experience to get the job but I just had a gut feeling that I should go for it. It terrified me at the time because I had a good job which I really liked and there was nothing forcing me to put myself out of my comfort zone and go for the interview. I’m so glad I decided to be brave and put myself out there. I relied on my enthusiasm and it paid off!


Saving for….


My sister and I have been talking about doing a girl’s trip to New York for years and I really want 2013 to be the year! That being said, as soon as I hop on The Iconic all thoughts of ‘saving’ go out the window entirely.





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