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In today’s video I’m going to be talking about how you can use giveaways to get great mass media exposure for your product.

Journos are always looking for ways to keep their audience engaged and there’s no better way to keep them interested by giving them the opportunity to win awesome products. Lots of media outlets have regular giveaway sections. You see it a lot in magazines and online news sites. Just think of the prize for the best letter to the editor. But some TV programs do it too. And even radio have their vans driving around in the afternoon or during the day giving away free stuff.

Giveaways are awesome because not only do you get valuable media exposure, you get a lot of engagement for your brand and your product as well.

We’ve been using this strategy all year long for our homewares client Carrol Boyes. The one giveaway that we lined up in The Sunday Age got syndicated in 13 mass media publications one of which included And with the giveaway in alone, there were twelve hundred entries. That’s twelve hundred people engaging with the Carrol Boyes brand all for the price of giving away one great product. Other giveaways we’ve lined up for Carrol Boyes include on Super Food Ideas and MINDFOOD and many more including Studio 10.

Now Studio 10 has an opportunity whereby if you’re prepared to give away 40 to 50 products they’ll run an approximately five minute segment on that very product. This is very affordable and clever marketing tactics. You’re not paying a cent in advertising you’re simply giving away products to audience members who’ll try it, love it and rave about it to their friends and then forever more you can say as seen on Studio 10 or any other media outlets that you’ve had giveaways in.

So I challenge you to make this a goal for 2019 if you have a product based business. Any questions feel free to ask me and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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