I do, I do, I do

For many Australians marriage is a meaningful way to express love and strengthen commitment. However with the opportunity currently limited to heterosexual couples, many are getting behind the push for marriage equality and the media is no exception.


Australian women’s magazine, Marie Clarie has launched the new ‘I Do’ campaign, putting all of their support behind marriage equality in Australia. The campaign has gained the support of key Australian celebrities and has sparked a nation wide debate on multiple media platforms. Celebrities that have put their name to the campaign and stood up for the rights of all Australian’s include Jennifer Hawkins, Magda Szubanski, Matt Mitcham and Bob Brown.


However this campaign digs far deeper than celebrity endorsement. Marie Claire has put itself directly in the firing line of anti-gay groups, namely the Australian Christian Lobby Group; a representative from the group was seen on Sunrise a few weeks ago discussing the ‘I Do’ campaign and the marriage equality movement.



Marie Claire and Sunrise have been criticised by these groups for introducing their personal beliefs into the media landscape. But it can be argued that these media outlets are merely taking their role as The Fourth Estate seriously, questioning those in power over policies that limit the rights of Australian citizens.


It seems as if the marriage equality movement is now about so much more. Words like Australian values and culture and religion are thrown around all too often in this nation debate which is about human rights and the recognition of equality in  democratic countries, like Australia.

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