How Influencers Can Help Your Brand

By Marnie Faundez

Owning a business can be a tricky feat, and a company’s marketing strategy has the power to make or break their success in the industry. For this reason, it is vital that a company is up to date with current trends and rely on the right strategies to expose their brand.

One major way for a company to do this is by collaborating with key influencers and bloggers. With ever-growing popularity, these bloggers pretty much run the world.

Considering their high demand, the question shouldn’t be “Should I be using bloggers?’’ but, “How can I stand out and grab blogger’s attention?” Here are five tips and tricks to help you secure a collaboration with those sought after social media stars.


Make sure you have a goal in mind

It is important to think ahead before reaching out to a blogger. The best way to do this is to establish a plan of attack. How can this blogger best help your brand? Does their target audience align with yours? What will be the most effective format of the promotion? If you can answer these questions it will make your and the bloggers job a heck of a lot easier. The less thought the blogger has to put into integrating your product with their content, the more likely they will proceed to working with you.

Subtlety is key

It is hard to miss advertising online. Between sponsored links, banner ads and product mentions your content can easily be lost. Nowadays, readers appear to be more responsive to product placement and company collaborations. This subtle format allows the audience to enjoy the visual content without feeling like they are dealing with an ad. By simply placing your product in this frame the audience can rid themselves of any negative ‘ad’ connotations, and instead see that the product has been given the tick of approval from an influencer.


From little things big things grow

You might want to focus your attention towards the big fish in the pond, but don’t forget about the little guys. Although a blog might not have a large following it can still provide word of mouth for your business. You never know what opportunities you could be missing out on by limiting your selection!  If you see potential in a niche blogger’s content, collaboration might become beneficial for both of your brands.


Think outside the box

Don’t solely rely on product placement in an Instagram photo or blog post, there are multiple ways to reach the audience! Maybe, ask to be featured in a vlogger’s apartment tour video or include a key influencer in your business look book. Better yet, invite them to an in store event or launch party! If you think out of the box and venture beyond the ordinary, you will create a bigger impact on your intended market.


Be in it for the long-term

Collaborating with a blogger doesn’t have to be a one-time thing! Ideally, you want to be forming long-term relationships with these social media moguls. If you and a blogger maintain a good, constant relationship it will strengthen your bond and really situate the brand to be in the public eye.


By implementing these simple tips and tricks you can truly make the most of the digital marketing world and promote your products and services to wider audiences. Always stay up to date with the current trends, and make the most of those networks!







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