Corporate reputation and relationship marketing: the brands that got it right

Reputation is everything. It affects brand perception and can immediately open or close doors for emerging target markets for a business.


It’s not something that can be bought, or pends approval; it is a direct result of the decisions a company makes, making in an intangible asset to a business.


Big businesses spend millions of dollars on branding – a strategy aimed at building, repairing and/or maintaining reputation, thus resulting in positive publicity.


Why do you ask? Because a good brand name can make all the difference when a customer is choosing between your brand, and brand X. Even if Brand X is on special, if a customer trusts your brand they will still choose it. Because they know they will get what they expected. And that is how relationship marketing starts.


It’s all very well to have frequent flyer points, a Priceline Club Card, a Myer One card and a Gloria Jean’s coffee club card. Sure, these are great incentives for us to repurchase products and services, but what use is this if we simply don’t like the brand, and will never use it again?  Sure, these type of gimmicks are great for maintaining regular customers, but how do you make them regular customers? The answer is simple – by consistently delivering great products and greater service.


We’ve compiled a list of the companies who got it right. The companies we know and trust, and why we keep on going back to them.



  1. Singapore Airlines – voted the number 1 airline in the world, Singapore Airlines is the benchmark for all airlines when it comes to service quality (think: The Singapore Girl), product innovation and brand loyalty. In the competitive and cut throat world of travel, combined with the fact that Singapore Airlines is a service, we have to commend them for maintaining their great reputation throughout the years.
  2. McDonalds – yes, we said it. Although there was a little divide in the office over this one, we have to mention McDonalds. Even though they are not trusted in terms of health, McDonalds serves billions of customers worldwide – and they aren’t first timers. People go to McDonalds because they know they will get the same, undifferentiated product in each country. In addition to this, parents, who are a huge target market for McDonalds, trust McDonalds in looking after the safety and wellbeing of their children with services such as Playland and children’s birthday parties! Loving it!
  3. Colgate – voted the most trusted brand in Oz, good old Colgate has been keeping our pearly whites, er, white for decades! The fact that Colgate has been a household name for years proves that their commitment to product quality is second to none.
  4. Volvo – In the sea of cars and automotive vehicles, one name is associated with safety and reliability – Volvo. The Swedish car giant has maintained its reputation by consistently ensuring that all products are fit for sale, and through their extensive systems for testing vehicles before they even go up for sale!
  5. OPI – A different one, yes, but certainly not any less successful! The WordStormers here are obsessed with OPI nail polish – in the beauty world it can be hard an expensive process finding the right products. OPI is relatively new, but any beauty buff will tell you how amazing it is – and many women have completely converted to OPI, and will not use any other brand of nail polish! Why? Because OPI continues to ensure that product quality stays the same. By engaging their customers and letting them see how each nail shade will look on their hands (via their iPhone app, or in store), OPI has developed a huge customer loyalty base.


We would love to hear your thoughts! Do you agree? What brands are you most loyal to, and trusting of? Tweet us @WordStormPR, or leave a comment below!



Love, Tash and the Stormettes xx

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