The Changing Nature of Social Media

By Blake Peroumal


Did you know that the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it does text? We, as individuals, respond more actively and positively to messages that are visually attractive, and are subsequently less tempted by written text. This trend has remained constant across the history of media, with the most successful marketing campaigns relying on aesthetic to connect with an audience.

In the contemporary media community, visual content dominates online platforms. On Facebook alone, users watch more than 8 billions videos per day! That’s a lot of how-to kitchen recipes.

With the level of videos growing 3.5 times every year, it’s crucial to understand what social media users are viewing and what constitutes a ‘viral sensation’. So to help, here are some tips to make sure you are keeping up with the latest trends.

Auto-play… more like Auto-yay

The technology that newsfeed-based platforms such as Facebook and Instagram use is constantly evolving. They allow online information to be shared and consumed at rates that are almost too fast to comprehend. One of the key developments is the introduction of ‘Auto-play’ videos. When we scroll through our feeds, videos are automatically played but beware – you need to click on them for sound. As a result 85% of videos are played without sound. Be sure to tailor videos to this trend, making them captivating and engaging even when on mute.

Audience is key


Without knowing who you want your video to be viewed by, you are swimming in unchartered waters. If you identify your target demographic you can create a video that is appealing on all dimensions. For instance, by 2030 Millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce. So if you are attempting to establish strong lifelong brand loyalty with younger consumers, it would be best to research what videos they respond most dynamically to.

Utilise Facebook when launching visual campaigns

With 1.13 billion users Facebook is by far the most active platform consumers are using. The sharing and interaction that Facebook enables makes it the perfect platform for visual content to be presented. Every user want to be the one to introduce their friends to newest videos and content. This creates an opportunity for firms to gain adequate coverage through introducing innovative exclusive content. Here’s a fun fact. Did you know Facebook’s ‘Like’ button used to be called the ‘Awesome’ button? Lucky that one got dumped.

Learn from the best


Various businesses have realised the potential of the ‘viral video’ trend, one particular success story being Buzzfeed’s Tasty. This is a Buzzfeed associate page that focuses solely on how-to videos for delicious innovative treats. The page currently has 83.3 million likes and has accumulated nearly 4 million new followers every month on Facebook. This success has been achieved through monitoring current trends present on social media and integrating it with the video content they post. Their unique and easy how-to recipes makes their posts a must share for viewers, and is a driving force behind their Facebook fame.

By including these easy social savvy tips you’ll be able to achieve success when implementing your online visual media campaigns. Actively stay ahead of your competitors by exploring the latest trends and be sure to embrace the power of social media!

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